Pyne, W.H. “Old Dining Room"  [Kensington Palace]

Pyne, W.H. “Old Dining Room" [Kensington Palace]

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W.H. Pyne. “Old Dining Room".  [Kensington Palace].

From W.H. Pyne's The History of the Royal Residences. London: W.H. Pyne, 1819. 8 x 10 1/2. Aquatint.  Full original hand coloring. Very good condition.   

In the early nineteenth century, Great Britain was one of the most powerful countries in the world, and the British people had a fascination with their country and its society. This resulted in the production of many exquisite color plate works depicting aspects of their world. This series of rich interiors shows the rooms at Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham House (later Buckingham Palace), and Frogmore. With beautiful hand coloring, lush aquatinting, these prints are excellent examples of the fine prints from this era in British history.

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