Volckamer, Johann Christoph  "Limon Ponzino da Neapoli"

Volckamer, Johann Christoph "Limon Ponzino da Neapoli"

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Johann Christoph Volckamer. Plate 125.  "Limon Ponzino da Neapoli". From Nurnbergishe Hesperides.

Nuremberg, 1708-1714. Approx. 12 3/4 x 8 1/4. Copper engraving. Lovely hand color. Very good condition.  

These are superb examples of one of the most sought after and unusual series of botanical prints from the eighteenth century. At that time, structures known as orangeries came into fashion. Wealthy Europeans sought to grow and keep warmer climate plants, such as citrus and even palm trees, throughout the year. The potted trees could be transferred into these greenhouses to avoid the harsher, northern winters. These beautiful prints by Johann C. Volkcamer illustrate types of the then newly popular citrus fruit in delicate detail. Encircling the fruit are baroque ribbons naming each of the varieties. The large fruit hang serenely in the foreground over exquisite landscapes, country houses, and gardens.