Vander Aa,  Pieter  "Cap: St. Augustini"

Vander Aa, Pieter "Cap: St. Augustini"

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"Cap: St. Augustini," [Pieter Vander Aa]

Copper engraving.  Only text besides title is "Cum Privilegio" and "A Mijir feci."  Amsterdam, ca. 1670s-1710.  8 5/8 x 10 7/8 (platemarks) plus wide margins on laid paper.  Manuscript notations at bottom, right platemark reading "22" and "a."   Excellent condition.

An unusual and fascinating depiction of American Indians.  The people are an idealized woman with lovely small children at her breasts and a man seated beside a box with unidentified objects which when laid out on a mat appear to be some variety of food or plugs of tobacco.  Behind the man is a llama and the woman is either a palm leaf house or a stack of some product.  Here is the ideal vision of the New World.

Three locations named some form of Saint Augustine are recorded as being in the New World-two in Latin America and one in Florida, North America.  The llama suggests South America, but many views and allegories showed palm trees in New England during these times.  So until some textual evidence definitely states what is depicted, this print illustrates people and products while the land names and configurations changed with political and personal whims of the times.