Shaw, Vero  “Bloodhound. ‘Don,’ The Property of Mrs. Humphries.”

Shaw, Vero “Bloodhound. ‘Don,’ The Property of Mrs. Humphries.”

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Vero Shaw.  “Bloodhound. ‘Don,’ The Property of Mrs. Humphries.” From Cassell’s The Illustrated Book of the Dog. 

London: Cassell, Petter, Galpin, ca. 1881.  Octavo.  6 ½ x 8 5/8 (image).  Chromolithograph by Vincent Brooks Day & Son.  Excellent condition. 

A print from a delightful series of portraits of dogs.  The last part of the nineteenth century was the time when wonderful chromolithographs were being produced in England and in the United States, and these prints are excellent examples of the process.  The attractive subjects and bright colors make for a series of truly charming prints.

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