Passeri, Giambattista  "Plate 126."  From "Picturae Etruscorum in Vasculis"

Passeri, Giambattista "Plate 126." From "Picturae Etruscorum in Vasculis"

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Giambattista Passeri. Plate 126.  From Picturae Etruscorum in Vasculis.      

Rome, 1770. Engravings. ca 12 1/2 x 8. Very good condition.

Epitomizing eighteenth-century fascination with antiquities this print was taken from Giambattista Passeri's famed collection of antique Etruscan pottery. As Abbate of Pasero, he was one of the most well-known and enthusiastic collectors of ancient terra cotta. A prolific scholar, Passeri published a book of the designs found on the objects he purchased, and the result was an exceptionally striking group of prints showcasing classic themes of ancient Etruscan and Roman design.

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