Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, Jr.  "Mitchell’s New General Atlas, ..."

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, Jr. "Mitchell’s New General Atlas, ..."

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Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Jr.  Mitchell’s New General Atlas, containing maps of the various countries of the World, plans of Cities, etc., embraced in Fifty Three Quarto Maps, forming a series of Eighty Four Maps and Plans, together with valuable statistical tables. 

[1860]. Atglen, PA, 2016.  Facsimile.  Cloth.

The Mitchell family was active in American Cartographic publishing from 1831 until the end of the 19th Century. First through the patriarch, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, who acquired the rights to Finley's American Atlas in 1831 and began issuing his own version of the Atlas and pocket maps in that year, through the succession of his son, SA Mitchell, Jr. beginning in 1860, the Mitchell name left an important mark on American Commercial Cartography. The New General Atlas and its predecessor, the New Universal Atlas, informed millions of Americans in the 19th Century about the changing geopolitical landscape in the West and throughout the World in what amounts to the Golden age of American Cartography.