Brookshaw, George [Green Grapes] Plate 26

Brookshaw, George [Green Grapes] Plate 26

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George Brookshaw. Plate 26. [Green Grapes]. From The Horticultural Repository.

London: Sherwood, Neely & Jones, [1820]-1823. Quarto. 9 3/8 x 5 (image). Aquatint. Full original hand color. Very good condition. 

This print is from a charming small series of fruits by Brookshaw, who is best known for his larger series of fruits, Pomona Britannica . . ., published in London from 1804-1812. This smaller series of 98 engravings of edible fruits and nuts was issued periodically until complete in July 1823. Completed after Brookshaw's death, the anonymous editor of the final fascicle said, "It is hoped . . . that the present work . . . will . . . form a suitable monument to [Brookshaw's] genius and talent." Indeed, they do.

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