Cruikshank, Isaac "Solomon in all his Glory!!"

Cruikshank, Isaac "Solomon in all his Glory!!"

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Isaac Cruikshank (1764-1811). "Solomon in all his Glory!!"

London: T. Tegg, 1807. Engraved by George Moutard Woodward for his The Caricature Magazine, or Hudibrastic Mirror, vol. IV. 13 1/2 x 9 1/4 (sheet). Original hand color. George, 10908. Trimmed margins, but otherwise very good condition. 

Set at the corner of "Petticoat Lane," location of a clothing market operated after the Great Fire of London by Huguenot and Jewish merchants, the print is described by the British Museum's Web site this way: "A stalwart bearded Jew stands surrounded by courtesans: one puts her arms round him, his right arm round her waist; he smiles back knowingly, while he holds the left hand of the woman on his left. A third looks over his shoulder. He wears a cocked hat and a garish old-fashioned waistcoat, heavily trimmed with gold. The women are comely and fashionably dressed."

Other caricatures by Cruikshank father and sons:

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