Clarke, John  “Haustrum.” Plate 44.
Clarke, John  “Haustrum.” Plate 44.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clarke, John  “Haustrum.” Plate 44.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clarke, John  “Haustrum.” Plate 44.

Clarke, John “Haustrum.” Plate 44.

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John Clarke.  Plate 44.  “Haustrum.”  From George Perry’s Conchology, or the Natural History of Shells. 

London: W. Bulmer and Co.,  1811.  Approx. 13 x 9 1/2.  Aquatint by William Miller.  Very good condition.

A beautifully rendered print from Perry's Conchology.  These are the only prints of shells made by that most elaborate and rich process of aquatinting.  The plates are decorative and inventive pictures of shells colored richly and idiosyncratically.  Though he was criticized in contemporary natural history circles for his apparent whimsy and lack of scientific concern, Perry has since been greatly vindicated.  His Conchology is now considered a serious work and his "absurd" names have become generally accepted.  Whatever the resolution of this scientific debate, the prints were produced with the highest craftsmanship, and are undeniably beautiful.

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