Ludlow "Golden Spangled Hamburghs"

Ludlow "Golden Spangled Hamburghs"

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Ludlow. "Mr. Henry Beldon's pair of Golden Spangled Hamburghs." From The Illustrated Book of Poultry.

London: Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1890. 8 x 6 3/4 (image). Quarto. Chromolithograph. Very good condition.

From a delightful series of 'portraits' of prize poultry and fowl. The last part of the nineteenth century was the time when wonderful chromolithographs were being produced in England and the United States, and these prints are excellent examples of the process. The award winning birds are appropriately displayed with their fine plumage and bright colors. They strut about proudly in equally cheerful farm-like settings. The combination of bold subjects, impressive demeanor, and vivid color make for a series of truly jovial prints.

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