Weiland, Carl Ferdinand  "Nord America Entworfen Und Gezeichnet".

Weiland, Carl Ferdinand "Nord America Entworfen Und Gezeichnet".

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Carl Ferdinand Weiland. "Nord America Entworfen Und Gezeichnet".

Weimar: Geographischen Instituts, 1837. 22 3/4 x 19 3/4. Engraving. Original color. Small smudge in bottom margin. Else, very good condition.

A large, highly detailed German map of North America. Topography is emphasized by the precise and bold engraving, highlighting the complex ridges and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Rivers are also shown with some detail; capital cities are noted; and towns are marked according to size (as explained in the key).

A color key indicates how to interpret the international borders, with green for Russia lands, red for Danish, yellow for British, red for Danish, pink for the United States, orange for Mexican, green for Guatamalan, and blue for French territories. Since Weiland's 1820 map of North America, the Canadian-American border had become slightly more defined along the 49th parallel, though it still lacked the final delineation, which would be determined by Polk's controversial 1846 compromise with the British. In the lower left hand corner, an inset details the Aleutian Islands. An impressive document both cartographically and aesthetically.