Bohn, Henry G.  "A Knight Armed for the Bond"

Bohn, Henry G. "A Knight Armed for the Bond"

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Henry G. Bohn. "A Knight Armed for the Bond". From Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick's A Critical Inquiry into Antient ArmourPlate 60.

London: Henry G. Bohn, ca. 1830. ca. 10 x 8 (image vignette). Aquatints. Full original hand color. Full margins. Very good condition.

A splendidly colored series of prints showing ancient armour from the period of the Norman Conquest up to the reign of King Charles II. The emphasis is on British armour, and many different forms and styles are shown, each as worn by a historic personage. Meyrick (1783-1848) was interested in being historically accurate, and thus each drawing is rendered with careful precision, illustrating all aspects of the armour and weapons. Besides the concern for accuracy, the aesthetic aspects of the prints were also important, as is especially evident with the hand coloring, which is wonderfully done.

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