Baker, Louise "Plate 8"

Baker, Louise "Plate 8"

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Louise Baker (1872-1962). Plate 8. - Chorotegan tripod bowl originally to be said part of of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Probably from Alta Gracia Ometepe Island, Nicaragua University of Museum. Collection of E. P. Dieseldorff of Coban. Collotype prints after watercolors from Part III of Examples of Maya pottery in the Museum and other collections. 

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum, 1925-1943.  20 x ½ x 15 (sheet size).  Color and black and white Collotypes printed in Hammersmith, England by Emery Walker Colloptypers.  Signed in plate by the artist.  Scarce.   Very good condition. 

Between 1925 and 1943, Baker’s beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations were published in the three-volume Examples of Maya pottery in the Museum and other collections (edited by G.B. Gordon and J. Alden Mason).  Most likely the three volumes were sold by subscription in a limited edition, mostly purchased by museums, thus making these colorful and detailed prints scarce.  Each plate is described in pencil upper right hand corner.     

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