White, Theo Ballou "Negro Balconies"
White, Theo Ballou "Negro Balconies"
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White, Theo Ballou "Negro Balconies"

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Theo Ballou White (1902-1978). "Negro Balconies".

[Richmond, VA].  1933.  8 x 11 ¾.  Charcoal drawing. Drawn for the series Richmond, Twelve Lithographs of the City on the James.  Signed and titled by the artist in charcoal. Thin stock paper. Very good condition.

Theo White (1902-1978) was a prolific Philadelphia artist and architect who was born and trained in Philadelphia and later worked in Norfolk, VA.  White pursued lithography in the 1930s and 1940s, using the traditional stone method of printmaking.  His lithographs are very much of the urban school style of the period, and he produced a number of interesting prints, mostly architectural, depicting Philadelphia and regions of the United States. White was prominent among those artists who participated in the growth of the new Philadelphia Museum of Art, the well-known Print Club, and the Philadelphia Art Alliance.  He was an outstanding architect and was invested as a fellow in the American Institute of Architects in 1966.

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