W.M.E.F.  “Polygala Cymosa”

W.M.E.F. “Polygala Cymosa”

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W.M.E.F.  “Polygala cymosa”.

ca. 1880 to 1920.  8 x 7 (paper) Watercolor.  Very good condition.

An original watercolor drawing from an extensive drawing portfolio of flowers which are probably American since most of the botanical specimens are of North American plants.  The nineteenth century was a time of increased general interest in the natural wonders of the world.  Many amateur naturalists studied the insect, bird, animal, and plant life of their environment.  Some of the more artistically inclined of these enthusiasts turned their interest into renderings of the subjects of their study.  These lovely, delicately drawn watercolors show plants and flowers with very good detail, but with an equal concern for the decorative aspects of the images.  They are unique and wonderful examples of their period.

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