Pinto, Salvatore [Manayunk]

Pinto, Salvatore [Manayunk]

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Salvatore Pinto (1905–1966).  "[Manayunk]".

Re-strike ca. Restrike from original the plate by printer Philip Paravano between 1980-2000 etched ca. 1935. 810 x 8.  Unsigned. Excellent condition.  

Salvatore Pinto (1905–1966) was born in Salerno, Italy and made his reputation in the Philadelphia art community.  He had two younger brothers, Angelo and Biagio, who were also artists.  Salvatore attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was active in the Watercolor Club, The Print Club, The Art Alliance, and the Barnes Foundation.  Besides doing etchings such as this, he also did wood engravings, murals, drawings, designed sets and costumes for the Philadelphia Ballet, and was a photographer who worked for the Curtis Publishing Company and for motion pictures.  

Other prints by Angelo and Salvatore Pinto:

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