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Condition is considered to be "very good" or better, unless noted otherwise. Many, but not all prints have the accompanying text as published in the original magazine or its annual Album. Please feel free to inquire as to the availability of the text for a particular image.

Click on any underlined title to see digital image of print. Contact us to have a digital image uploaded of any print not already illustrated.

Any prints which are unpriced are in our inventory but are currently being conserved. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Nawab Nazim of Bengal, et al.
Duke of Argyll.
Ape. April 17, 1869. "God bless the Duke of Argyll." $75
Napoleon III, Emperor of the French.
Coide. September 4, 1869. "Le regime parlementaire." $95
Isabella II, Queen of Spain.
Coide. September 18, 1869. "She has throughout her life been betrayed by those who should have been most faithful to her." $95
Leopold II, King of the Belgians.
Coide. October 9, 1869. "Un roi constitutionnel." $75
Victor Emanuel I.
January 29, 1870. "Il Re galantuomo." $75
The Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Behar, and Orissa.
ATN. April 16, 1870. "A living monument of English injustice." [Illustrated above] $75
Prince Teck.
Atn. May 14, 1870. "The most popular of princes he has married the most popular of princesses." $75
Duke of Sutherland.
Ape. July 9, 1870. "Simple and unassuming himself, yet magnificent and generous towards his fellow men, he is the very Prince of Dukes." $75
The Crown Prince of Prussia.
September 24, 1870. "Fritz." $75

Count von Bismarck-Schoenausen.
October 15, 1870. "The ablest statesman in Europe." $125
The King of Prussia.
Coide. January 7, 1871. "Les Mangeoit pour soi refraischir devant souper." $95
Amadeus, King of Spain.
May 4, 1872. "He would be a King." $75
William Amelius, Aubrey DeVere Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans.
January 4, 1873. "Hereditary Grand Falconer." $75
H.I.M. the Shah of Persia.
Spy. July 5, 1873. "He endowed Persia with a national Debt." $75
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.
November 8, 1873. "The Prince." $95
Duke of Bedford.
Ape. July 11, 1874. "The head of the Russells." $75

Carlo VII.
Spy. April 29, 1876. "Legitimacy." $75
H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught, K.G.
Spy. June 17, 1876. "a future Commander in Chief." $75
Nawab Sir Salar Jung, K.C.S.I.
Spy. October 14, 1876. "An Indian Statesman." $75
H.M. Christian William Ferdinand Adolphus George, King of Greece.
Spy. October 21, 1876. "Greece." $75
Marquis of Winchester.
Spy. February 24, 1877. "the premier Marquess." $75
H.R.H. Prince Leopold, K.G.
Spy. April 21, 1877. "The student Prince." $75
H.I.H. Eugene Louis Jean Joseph, the Prince Imperial.
Spy. July 14, 1877. "The Empire." $75

Duke of Cleveland, K.G.
Spy. August 4, 1877. "the fourth Duke." $75
H.I. and R.M. the Emperor-King of Austro-Hungary.
Sue. December 29, 1877. "Austria." $95
H.M. Humbert, the King of Italy.
T. August 3, 1878. "Italy." $75
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, K.G.
Spy. December 10, 1878. "the Prince." $150
The future Edward VII.
Spy. December 14, 1878. No caption. $125
Prince Jerôme Napoléon.
T. July 26, 1879. "Plon-Plon." $75
M. Jean Baptiste Léon Say.
Ape. December 4, 1880. "President No. 3." $75
His Highness Ismail Pacha, G.C.B., G.C.S.I.
T. May 7, 1881. "The ex-Khedive." $80
Rt. Hon. Lord Charles William Brudenell-Bruce, M.P.
Spy. September 16, 1882. "Marlborough." $75

Arábi Pasha.
FV. January 6, 1883. "Ahmed Arabi the Egyptian." $80
H.H. Mehemed Tewfik Pasha, Khedive of Egypt.
FV. January 20, 1883. "The Khedive." $80
H.R.H. the Duc d'Aumale.
Nemo. September 27, 1884. "the Orleans Family." $75
The Mahraj Sir Pertab Sing, K.C.S.I.
Spy. August 27, 1887. "Jodhpore." $95
Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, K.G., K.P., LL.D.
Hay. October 13, 1888. "Eddie." $100

H.S.H. Prince Demtrey Soltykoff.
Spy. July 6, 1889. "Prince Soltykoff." $75
M. Marie Francois Sadi Carnot.
Pal. September 21, 1889. "M. Carnot, President of the French Republic." $75
H.R.H. the Duke of Orleans.
Guth. April 12, 1890. "Ier Conscrit de France." $80
Prince Henri Eugène Philippe Louis D'Orléans, Duc D'Aumale.
Guth. February 28, 1891. "The duc d'Aumale." $75
The Emperor of Morocco.
Pry. July 4, 1891. "The Emperor of Morocco." $95
The Sultan of Johore.
Kyo. October 17, 1891. "Johore." $75
The King of Spain.
January 21, 1893. "A born King." $95

M. Pierre Paul Casimir-Perier.
Guth. August 30, 1894. "The French Republic." $80
M. François Felix Faure.
Guth. April 18, 1895. "The eminently respectable." $75
The Prince Royal of Siam.
Spy. April 25, 1895. "A Prince Royal." NA
Le Prince du Sagan.
Guth. August 1, 1895. "Le Prince du Chic." $75
H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Denmark.
Spy. December 12, 1895. "H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Denmark." Light stains in margins and top left corner of margin missing. $75
Her Majesty the Queen-Empress Victoria.
Guth. June 17, 1897. "A Cimiez. Promenade matinale." With light stains margins. $150
Emperor of Abyssinia.
Glick. July 29, 1897. "Abyssinia." Spots in margins. $125

Prince Henry of Orleans.
Guth. September 30, 1897. "Prince Henry of Orleans." $75
M. Félix Jules Méline.
Guth. January 27, 1898. "a Premier of France." $75
The President of the French Republic, M. Emile Loubet.
Guth. May 18, 1899. "the new French President." $75

Prince Victor Jerome Frederic Napoleon.
Guth. June 1, 1899. "Victor." $75
The Prince of Monaco.
Spy. June 7, 1900. "The Prince of Monaco." $80
The Gaekwar of Baroda.
MR. January 3, 1901. "The Gaekwar." $95
The Maharajah of Cuch Behar.
December 26, 1901. "Cuch Behar." $80
Muzaffer-Ed-Din, The Shah of Persia.
Spy. January 29, 1903. "Persia." A few spots, mostly in margins. $95
H.H. Ras Makounan, K.C.M.G.
Spy. February 12, 1903. "An Abysinnian General." $125
H.R.H. The Duke of Aosta, K.G.
Lib. November 12, 1903. "The Duke of Aosta." $80
Alfonso XIII.
Guth. May 24, 1906. "S. M. Alfonso XIII." Narrow margin at top. $80


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