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Condition is considered to be "very good" or better, unless noted otherwise. Many, but not all prints have the accompanying text as published in the original magazine or its annual Album. Please feel free to inquire as to the availability of the text for a particular image.

Click on any underlined title to see digital image of print. Contact us to have a digital image uploaded of any print not already illustrated.

Any prints which are unpriced are in our inventory but are currently being conserved. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


James Anthony Froude
Thomas Carlyle.
Ape. October 22, 1870. "The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without his Tub." $75
George John Whyte-Melville.
September 23, 1871. "The novelist of Society." $65
James Anthony Froude.
January 27, 1872. "He created Henry VIII, exploded Mary Stuart, and demolished Elizabeth." [Illustrated at left] $65
Alexander Kinglake.
Cecioni. March 2, 1872. "Not an M.P." $45
Rev. Canon Kingsley.
March 30, 1872. "The Apostle of the Flesh." $45
William Hepworth Dixon.
April 27, 1872. "He discovered New America and Free Russia." $65

Thomas Hughes.
Cecioni. June 8, 1872. "Tom Brown" $65
Mayne Reid.
March 8, 1873. "Impossible Romance." $65
John Stuart Mill.
Spy. March 29, 1873. "A Feminine Philosopher." NA
Anthony Trollope.
Spy. April 5, 1873. "A Novelist." NA
George Otto Trevelyan.
Spy. August 2, 1873. "The Competition Wallah." Stains in margin, not affecting image. $40
Dr. John Doran, F.S.A.
Spy. December 6, 1873. "Notes and Queries." $65

Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B.
Ape. January 17, 1874. "Books." $65
Philip-Henry Stanhope, Earl Stanhope.
Ape. May 23, 1874. "a noble writer." $65
Algernon Charles Swinburne.
Ape. November 21, 1874. "Before Sunrise." NA
Abraham Hayward, Q.C.
Ape. November 27, 1875. "Anecdotes." $65
Theodore Martin, C.B, LL.D.
Spy. July 7, 1877. "the Royal literary assistant." $65
Sir Francis Hastings Charles Doyle, Bart.
Spy. November 24, 1877. "Poetry." $45

Francis Bret Harte.
Spy. January 4, 1879. "the Heathen Chinee." $95
Joseph Ernest Renan.
T. February 22, 1879. "La vie de Jésus." $45
M. Alexandre Dumas Fils.
T. December 27, 1879. "French fiction." $75
M. Emile Zola.
T. January 24, 1880. "French Realism." $75
James Russell Lowell, LL.D.
T. August 21, 1880. "Hosea Biglow." $75
Sir John George Tollemache Sinclair, Bart., M.P.
Ape. October 16, 1880. "a Poet." $65
M. Edmond François Valentin About.
T. November 20, 1880. "French fiction." $65
Samuel Smiles, LL.D.
Spy. January 14, 1882. "Self Help." $65

William Edward Hartpole Lecky.
Spy. May 27, 1882. "the eighteenth century." $65
William Hurrell Mallock.
Spy. December 30, 1882. "Is life worth living?" $50
General the Earl of Albemarle.
T. July 14, 1883. "Waterloo." $65
Wilfred Scawen Blunt.
Ape. January 31, 1885. "a prophet." $65
Henry Rider Haggard.
Spy. May 21, 1887. "She." $50
Francis Charles Philips.
Ape. July 7, 1888. "As in a Looking Glass." $50
Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Ape. July 14, 1888. "The Earl and the Doctor." $75

Mr. R. Bontine-Cunninghame-Cunninghame-Graham, M.P., J.P., D.L.
Spy. August 25, 1888. "Trafalgar Square." $50
Mr. Arthur Wing Pinero.
Spy. March 7, 1891. "Lady Bountiful." $65
M. Victorien Sardou.
Guth. May 2, 1891. "Thermidor." With calligraphic name below caption. $65
M. Alphonse Daudet.
Guth. March 11, 1893. "He wrote 'Sapho.'" $65
"Pierre Loti" Louis Marie Julien Viaud.
Guth. June 6, 1895. "Pierre Loti." $75
Anthony Hope Hawkins.
Spy. December 26, 1895. "Anthony Hope." $45
George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier.
Spy. January 23, 1896. "Trilby." $65

VF: A.W. Pinero
Alfred Austin.
Spy. February 20, 1896. "the Laureate." $65
Thomas Henry Hall Caine.
JBP. July 2, 1896. "The Manxman." $65
George Meredith.
Max. September 24, 1896. "Our first novelist." $150
George Moore.
Sic. January 21, 1897. "Esther Waters." $65
Max Pemberton.
Spy. February 4, 1897. "A Puritan's Wife." $45
Israel Zangwill.
Sic. February 25, 1897. "A Child of the Ghetto." $45
Samuel Rutherford Crockett.
F.R. August 5, 1897. "The Stickit Minister." $65
Andrew Carnegie.
Spy. October 29, 1903. "Free Libraries." $150
George Bernard Shaw.
Ruth. December 28, 1905. "Magnetic, he has the power to infect almost everyone with the delight that he takes in himself." $150
Arthur Wing Pinero.
Bulbo. February 1, 1906. "Though it is an arguable point whether he be, as it was once reputed, the most intellectual, he remains, beyond dispute, the dressiest, of contemporary British dramatists." [George Bernard Shaw in background] [Illustrated above left] $175
Anatole France.
Guth. August 11, 1909. "The Greatest Living Frenchman." $50
J. Ernest Renan.
Guth. October 5, 1910. "The Greatest of the Fathers." $65
Frank Harris.
Owl. November 12, 1913. "Unpath'd Waters." With repaired tear. $50


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