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Antique Maps of Switzerland

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Munster: Helvetia
Sebastian Munster. [Basel] Venice, 1575. Each ca. 10 1/8 x 13 5/8. Woodcuts. Full margins.

Woodcut maps of cities and Cantons in Switzerland by Sebastian Munster (1489-1552) from the sixteenth century. Munster was one of the greatest cartographers in the era before the Dutch "modern" cartographers such as Mercator and Ortelius, and he issued many influential maps in his editions of Ptolemy's Geographia and his own Cosmographia. These maps of Switzerland are typical of his excellent work. Topographical detail is surprisingly copious, with data on cities, regions, mountains and rivers abundant and of considerable historic interest. The wood blocks were made in Basel, Switzerland for an earlier edition of the Cosmographia, and this printing was done for a subsequent edition in Venice. Visually and historically, fascinating maps.

Herman Moll. "Suisse or Switzerland with their Allies and Subjects &c." London: H. Moll, 1729. From Atlas Minor. 7 7/8 x 10 1/4. Engraving. Original outline color. With stain in margin, away from image. Overall, very good condition.

An interesting map of Switzerland. The map is by Herman Moll, a Dutch émigré to England, from his Atlas Minor. Moll established a cartographic business in London and soon became England's most prominent map publisher. Moll includes a prodigious amount of information, topographical and political. A nice map by one of the most popular cartographers of the 18th century. $150

Georg Matthäus and Albrecht Carl Seutter. "Nova Totius Helvetiæ." From Atlas Minor. Augsburg: G.M. Seutter, 1744. Quarto. Engraving by T.C. Lotter. Full original color, with uncolored cartouche as issued. Very good condition. With vibrant color, good impressions, and very attractive.

A beautiful map of Switzerland from Georg Matthäus Seutter's Atlas Minor. Matthäus Seutter entered the cartographic world in 1697 as an apprentice to Johann Baptist Homann, but he soon set up his own flourishing map business in Augsburg. He was so successful that he was appointed as the Geographer to the Imperial Court. His sons, Georg Matthäus and Albrecht Carl, joined their father and Albrecht Carl eventually inherited the business. The maps from this atlas were drawn by the two Seutters and were engraved by Tobias C. Lotter, who later took over the business from Albrecht. These maps, typically of German output, are highly detailed and engraved with a bold hand. Equally strong is the original hand color in the body of the map. The cartouches were left uncolored in order to emphasize the elaborately detailed illustrations for which German maps are especially prized. These are some of the most decorative and interesting maps of the mid-eighteenth century. $350

J.B. Homann "Potentissimæ Helvetiorum Reipublicæ Cantones Tredecim ..." Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, 1732. 19 x 22. Original hand color, with added color in cartouches. Some spots in margins, else very good condition.
An attractive and interesting map of Switzerland from the first half of the 18th century, showing the distribution of Catholic and Reformed Christian communities at that time. $225

Mayer: Switzerland
Tobias Mayer. "Helvetia Tredecim Statibus Liberis quos Cantones vocant composita Una cum foederatis & subjectis Provinciis ex probatissimis Subsidiis geographice delineata per Dm. Tobiam Mayerum ...." Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, 1751. 16 1/2 x 20 3/4. Engraving. Original hand outline color. Very good condition.

A detailed German map of Switzerland from 1751 showing the thirteen Cantons, along with their respective coats of arms below the title cartouche in the upper left. Topographical and political information is very good and includes towns, rivers, lakes and political divisions. A fascinating and detailed map. $450

Rizzi-Zannoni: Switzerland
Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-Zannoni. "La Suisse divisée en ses XIII Cantons et ses Alliés." From Atlas Moderne. Paris: Jean Lattré & J. Thomas, 1762. 12 1/2 x 18 1/4. Engraving. Original outline color. A stain in the lower right, along Lake Como. Else, very good condition.

A handsome map of Switzerland by Venetian cartographer Rizzi-Zannoni, one of the leading scientific cartographers of the second half of the eighteenth century. He was the first to carry out a triangulation of Poland, he assisted in the French-English border survey in America in 1757, and became the Hydrographer of the Dépot de Marine in 1772. This map shows his careful work, detailing the thirteen Cantons. An elaborate baroque title cartouche graces the top left corner. $425

Dunn: Switzerland
Samuel Dunn. "Switzerland. Divided into Thirteen Cantons with their Subjects and Their Allies." London: Robert Sayer, 1786. 10 5/8 x 14 3/4. Engraving. Original color. Very good condition.

A handsome British map of Switzerland by Samuel Dunn (d. 1794). Besides being a mapmaker, Dunn was a sometimes publisher of maps and atlases, a mathematician, and teacher, who advertised his profession as "S. Dunn Teacher of the Mathematicks London. Boards Young Gentlemen, & Teacheth Penmanship, Merch'ts Acc'ts, Navigation, Fortification, Astronomy &c. Chelsea." Dunn's mathematical inclinations are demonstrated on the precision of this fine map. Topography and political features are precisely engraved, and known rivers and lakes also. Overall, a fine example of British map-making from a period of growing world-wide power by the nation. $225

"Switzerland with its Subjects & Allies Drawn from the Best Authorities." London: Richard Wilkinson, 1794. 8 1/2 x 10 5/8. Engraving by T. Conder. Original hand color. Very good condition.

A fine, late 18th century map of Switzerland. Attractive hand coloring helps to differentiate the Cantons, and topographical information indicates mountain ranges, rivers and lakes. An interesting and handsome map from the end of the 18th century. $65

Cary: Swisserland
John Cary. "A New Map of Swisserland, divided into its Cantons and Dependencies, including the Grisons etc...." London: John Cary, 1799. 18 x 20 in. engraving, full original hand color. Full margins, a few slight page creases and one small piece of lower margin missing, very good condition.

A highly detailed map of Switzerland by John Cary (ca. 1754-1835), the founder of the famous English cartographic firm. From about mid-way through the eighteenth century, British cartographers were the best in the world, and the maps produced by Cary are good examples of the quality they achieved. Detail is copious and precisely delineated, including mountains, roads, rivers, towns, lakes and political divisions. Cary also gives information on the history of county development and their respective religious affiliations. Each county is colored in a contrasting pastel shade, which makes this a crisp, attractive map. Overall, this is a fine map of Switzerland from the end of the eighteenth century. $450

Aaron Arrowsmith. "Switzerland." From A New and Elegant General Atlas. By Aaron Arrowsmith and Samuel Lewis. Boston: Thomas & Andrews, 1812. 8 x 9 7/8. Engraving. Full margins. Very good condition.

An uncolored map of Switzerland, from Mont St. Bernard in the south to Lake Constance in the north, from an early American atlas. The European maps from this atlas are the work of Aaron Arrowsmith (1750-1833), an Englishman who was the foremost cartographer of his period. Towns, rivers and political boundaries are clearly noted. $45

A. Finley. "Switzerland." Philadelphia, A. Finley, 1824. Small folio. Engravings by Young & Delleker. 10 1/4 x 13 1/4. Full hand coloring. Full margins. Excellent condition.

In the 1820's, Anthony Finley produced a series of fine atlases in the then leading American cartographic center, Philadelphia. Finley's work is a good example of the quality that American publishers were beginning to obtain. Each map is elegantly presented, with crisp and clear engraving and very attractive pastel hand shading. Topographical and political information is copious, including counties, towns, rivers, roads and so on. Finley was very concerned to depict as up-to-date information as was possible, and thus his maps present an accurate picture of the world in the early decades of the nineteenth century. An excellent series of maps from the nascent American cartographic world. $65

Burr: Switzerland
David H. Burr. "Switzerland." From Universal Atlas. New York: Thomas Illman, 1835. 10 1/4 x 13. Engraving. Full original color. Very good condition.

An excellent map of Switzerland by David H. Burr, one of the most important American cartographers of the first part of the nineteenth century. Having studied under Simeon DeWitt, Burr produced the second state atlas issued in the U.S., of New York in 1829. He was then appointed to be geographer for the U.S. Post Office and later geographer to the House of Representatives. As a careful geographer, Burr is painstaking in this map to put in only information for which he felt there was a scientific basis. Burr's maps are scarce and quite desirable. $145

SDUK. "Switzerland. Schweiz. La Suisse." London: SDUK, 1838. 12 1/4 x 15 5/8. Engraving by J. & C. Walker. Original outline hand coloring. Full margins. Very good condition.

A handsome map of Switzerland by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). This wonderful English enterprise was devoted to the spreading of up-to-date information and the enhancing of understanding. An excellent and detailed map from the early 19th century. $75

J. Dower. "Switzerland." From A New General Atlas of the World. London: Henry Teesdale & Co., 1842. Folio. Engraving by J. Dower. Original outline color. Very good condition.

A handsome map of Switzerland by British cartographer J. Dower. Though other countries, including the United States, had by then developed cartographic industries of considerable quality, British map publishers were still the best in the world. This map is typical of their output, with clear and precise engraving depicting copious up-to-date information. Towns, rivers, roads, political boundaries and topography are shown from throughout. The hand coloring, beautifully applied, makes this map as handsome as it is interesting. $175

Tanner: Switzerland
Henry Tanner. "Switzerland." From Universal Atlas. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1844. 9 x 10 7/8. Engraving. Original hand color. Very good condition.

A map of Switzerland by the great American cartographer, Henry Schenck Tanner. Beginning at the end of the second decade of the nineteenth century, Tanner, produced his important American Atlas, the finest American produced atlas to the time. The American Atlas was a huge success and this inspired Tanner, in 1834, to produce his Universal Atlas, of more manageable size. This atlas contained excellent maps of each U.S. state, focusing on the transportation network, including roads, railroads and canals. All details are clearly presented and these include towns, rivers mountains, political boundaries and transportation information. In 1844 Carey & Hart issued an updated edition of the Tanner atlas. These maps were later purchased by S. Augustus Mitchell, and then Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., but maps from the early Carey & Hart edition are quite rare. $125

Mitchell: Switzerland
After H.S. Tanner. "Switzerland." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1846. 9 3/4 x 11 3/4. Lithographic transfer from engraved plate. Original hand-coloring. Full margins. Some foxing and tide marks in margins, not affecting image. Otherwise, very good condition.

An fine map of Switzerland by S. Augustus Mitchell. For much of the middle part of the nineteenth century, the Mitchell firm dominated American cartography in output and influence. S. Augustus Mitchell Jr.'s maps of the 1860s are probably the best known issues of this firm, but his father's earlier efforts are excellent maps derived from H.S. Tanner's atlas of the 1830s. This map of Switzerland is a good example of this work. Topographical information is clearly presented and towns, lakes, roads, and other information is shown and named. Political divisions are indicated with contrasting pastel shades. $90

"Switzerland". Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., 1850. 13 1/2 x 17 1/4. Engraving, original hand color. Full margins, very good condition. A few light spots.

A strong and beautifully crafted map of Switzerland from the mid-nineteenth century, published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. This firm took over the publication of S. Augustus Mitchell's important Universal Atlas in 1850, and they continued to produce up-dated maps that were amongst the best issued in the period. The map is filled with myriad topographical details, including rivers, towns, lakes and political borders. This firm's maps are especially known for their depiction of the transportation routes, and this map is no exception. This information is clearly depicted, including rail lines, steamboat routes, canals and roads. The map has a striking appearance, with warm hand coloring that well compliments the clear presentation. For its fascinating detail and decorative appeal, this is an excellent Swiss document. $45

"Switzerland." Philadelphia: Charles Desilver, 1856. 9 3/4 x 11 3/4. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition. With decorative border.

Charles Desilver, one of the many publishers working in Philadelphia during the mid-nineteenth century, issued an atlas of maps based on the famous Tanner-Mitchell-Cowperthwait series. Desilver used much the same information as originally drawn in the 1840s, but updated the maps with new roads, towns, and other information. This map is typical of the rather unusual and scarce Desilver atlas. An attractive and fascinating document. $65


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