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Selection of prints continued


Pair of fishing prints by E.B. Bensell. "Trespassing."/"Consequences." Boston: L. Prang, 1878. Chromolithographs. 7 3/8 x 9 7/8. Full margins. Excellent condition.

A charming pair of humorous fishing prints by E.B. Bensell. These were issued by Boston publisher Louis Prang, noted for his chromolithographs. These separated issued prints were intended to be framed and hung in the home or office, a role they would play well today. For the pair, $575
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William Nicholson. "June." [Cricket] From An Almanac of Twelve Sports. London: William Heinemann, 1898. Ca. 7 3/4 x 7 3/4. Lithograph transfer from wood block. Very good condition.

Sir William Nicholson (1872-1949) was an English artist well known for his unique style of woodcut prints. Beginning in the 1890s, he created posters with his brother-in-law James Pryde, using the pseudonyms J. & W. Beggarstaff. In 1897, Nicholson produced a woodcut print of Queen Victoria that was very well received and helped establish his reputation with the British public. About that same time Nicholson cut a series of wood blocks of An Illustrated Alphabet for publisher William Heinemann. Originally issued in a very small run of hand colored woodcuts, their popularity led to the images being transferred to lithographic stones and printed in a bound volume. This was soon followed by two other similar series of images, An Almanac of Twelve Sports and London Types. Nicholson's style is instantly recognizable, with the broad strokes from his original woodcuts printed with subtle variations of earth tones, harking back to earlier British chap book illustrations. After the turn of the century, Nicholson turned more to painting, though he did continue to produce illustrations for several books. The prints from his three bound plates volumes offer a wonderful sample of Nicholson's vision and also of British culture at the end of the nineteenth century. $275
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Checkers game
"Now Grandfather?" [Checkers game] Berlin: F. Sala & Co., mid-nineteenth century. 13 x 10. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition.

A charming scene of a checkers game between a boy and his grandfather. Produced in Germany, this genre print was intended probably to be sold both in Germany and in America, for the title appears both in German and English. Such images would have graced the homes of the many German immigrants of the middle of the nineteenth century. $150

Tibet. A trade card by the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company. New York, ca. 1890. Ca. 3 x 5. Chromolithograph by Donaldson Brothers. Very good condition.

From a series of delightful trade cards showing sports and pastimes around the world. They were issued about 1890 by the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company. This firm was founded by John and Charles Arbuckle of Pittsburgh, PA. They developed a machine to weigh, fill, seal and label coffee in paper packages, which allowed them to become the largest importer and seller of coffee in the world. Their most famous promotional program involved issuing several series of small, colorful trading cards, one of which was included in every package of Arbuckles' Coffee. These cards included a series of maps, a series with historical themes and a series that showed sports and pastimes around the world. They are a delight, containing informative images and interesting text of the regions concerned. This image shows the sports of Tibet, including badminton, polo and dance. $45
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Chamois shooters
"Chamois Shooters in the Tyrol." From Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, &c. &c. London: Edward Orme, 1814. First edition. 6 3/4 x 8 3/4. Aquatint. Full original hand color. Full margins. Very good condition.

An example of a beautifully produced set of sporting prints issued in 1813-14 by Edward Orme as part of his famous Foreign Field Sports.. The aquatinting and lovely hand coloring are excellent, as are the compositions. One of a group of rare and lovely prints. $130
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From Outdoor Pictures

Thulstrup First Tee
Thure de Thulstrup. From Outdoor Pictures. 1899. ca. 8 x 11. Half tones in black and white unless noted otherwise. Very good condition.

Plate 12
[Whimsical mixed doubles tennis print.] No. 12 Probably published in New York as a magazine illustration, circa 1914. 11 x 7. Chromolithograph. Narrow margins. Illustrated in Art of Tennis; see pages 77-78. $275
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Riverside Drive
T. De Thulstrup. "Wheeling On Riverside Drive." From Harper's Weekly. New York, July 17, 1886. 13 5/8 x 19 7/8. Wood engraving. Very good condition. $225
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Skier Spacer Skater
Drawings for publication. Circa 1920s or 1930s. Artist unknown. Ink and watercolor on artists' board. Some condition issues. Sold as is.

Skier. 12 7/8 x 6. $75
Skater. 11 7/8 x 8 1/4. $75

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