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Besides our extensive inventory, The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. offers a range of complementary services. All services are provided to the highest standards demanded by museums and collectors. We are happy to discuss, give estimates and offer advice with respect to any of these services.

Paper Conservation

Many people who own prints that are currently in good shape are concerned that their prints or maps be kept that way. We offer some general thoughts on the care of paper items. Click here to read our recommendations.


The Philadelphia Print Shop can appraise antique prints, maps and related books. We offer both formal appraisals at $225 per hour, with a one hour minimum, and less formal, "POV" appraisals for $45. Should we feel that your art work is not valuable enough to warrant a professional appraisal, we will advise you of this at no charge. Please visit our appraisal page for more information.


The Philadelphia Print Shop offers expert research on any topic related to antique prints or maps. Our rate is $225 per hour. Reports can be verbal or written, and there will be no charge should our research not turn up any useful information. Please feel free to contact us concerning your research needs.

Collection Consultation

The Philadelphia Print Shop has worked extensively with both new and seasoned collectors. We can offer advice on most subjects related to collecting, seek out items appropriate for a collection, help with storage and framing concerns, and prepare written documents, including a full collection catalogue. General advice and assistance is offered at no charge, but more extensive consultation and written work will be billed at $225 per hour. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of your collecting questions.

Framing Recommendations

The Philadelphia Print Shop does not offer a framing service, however because we care about the preservation of antique prints and maps, we are very concerned that all items we sell be archivally framed. Indeed, we strongly urge anyone with art work on paper which he/she wishes to preserve to have it framed archivally. Non-archival framing will eventually cause deterioration of your art work. Archival framing prevents damage and is less costly in the long run than restoration.
GoGo to a page which lists important issues in archival framing.

Though this was not true a decade ago, today there are framers all around the country who can provide archival framing. If in doubt, ask specifically on this point. For reference, you might try calling a local art museum. In Philadelphia, there are quite a number of fine archival framing establishments, but we particularly recommend our neighbor, Joe Borrelli at Chestnut Hill Gallery (215.248.2549), who does excellent work and is very familiar with framing antique prints and maps.


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