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Including gift books, portrait galleries, etc.


François de La Pointe. Abregé de la vie et passion de nostre savveur Iesus Christ, avec les figures, et quelques reflections sur les principaux mystères. Seconde partie contenant la passion. Paris: Chez la veusue Ioron, 1663. Quarto. 58 engraved leaves, 56 with illustrations.

French painter and engraver François de La Pointe (active 1660s-1690), also known as François de Lépine or Lespine, was active from the 1660s to at least 1690. Among his maps and views are a nine panel map of Paris, a color drawing of the Château of Nantes, and some views of Versailles.

This book, the second of two volumes on the life of Jesus Christ, illustrates the Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, as well as the Death and Assumption into heaven of the Virgin Mary. $450

Daniel Defoe. Die wunderbare Lebensbeschreibung und Erstaunliche Begebenheiten des beruhuten Helden Robinson Crusoe. 12 mo. One frontispiece plus 141 pp. containing 6 full page woodcut illustrations and two vignettes. Philadelphia: Conrad Zentler, 1809. Text has normal browning and cover is early with spine intact but boards rubbed. As found. Ref.: collates complete with Shaw-Shoemaker. Copies at: AAS and LCP.

A lovely copy of Robinson Crusoe with charming, primitive woodcut illustrations. $225

W. and E. Finden. The Book of the Boudoir; or, The Court of Queen Victoria. London: Tilt and Bogue, and New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1842. Folio. Original green calf with decorative gold-stamped covers and spine. All edges gilt. Cover restored at corners and at head and foot of spine. 12 folio engraved portraits, each with some foxing. Otherwise, interior very good.

Twelve portraits of young women associated with the Queen's court, engraved after paintings by John Hayter, are presented in this elaborate Victorian gift book. Each sitter is accorded a short biography, and eighteen poems of love and romance by eleven different poets accompany the appealing portraits. Such a book would have provided English middle class women with an elegant and admiring glimpse of the women in the royal circle. $225

Eliza Leslie (ed.) Miss Leslie's Magazine. Home Book of Fashion, Literature and Domestic Economy. Philadelphia: Morton McMichael, 1843. Vols. I-XII. With numerous illustrations. Octavo. With very worn original cover; hinges somewhat weak, but still intact and entire. Interior with considerable and typical smudging and stains. Some pencil scribbles, especially on fly-leaves. A few of the prints with added color. Overall, typical worn condition, but still complete and readable.

Prints (engravings and lithographs): 7 hand-colored fashion plates, one folded; 2 pairs of die-cut fashion plates; 1 fashion plate printed with color; 1 lithotint genre print; 12 uncolored genre prints; 3 pattern prints, one hand-colored; 2 embossed prints.

The complete one year run of a lady's journal of considerable note, including three firsts for American magazines. Eliza Leslie (1787-1858) was a Philadelphia author of cookbooks and domestic economy books. In 1843 she edited Miss Leslie's Magazine containing literary writings, articles on domestic economy, and many illustrations. The magazine was very progressive in its content and the nature of its illustrations, but it still only lasted one year. It did include the following firsts for American magazines:

This magazine, then, is a fine example of the genre from the mid-nineteenth century, but particularly important in the history of American printmaking. $300

Charles Reuben Hale, S. Huntington Jones, Henry Morton. Report Of The Committee Appointed By The Philomathean Society Of The University Of Pennsylvania To Translate The Inscription On The Rosetta Stone. Illustrations by Henry Morton. Lithography by L.M. Rosenthal. First edition. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Philomathean Society, 1858. Front cover detached, spine missing, several pages loose, but complete. One oddity is that this rare copy bears the lithographed signature of Morton, but not those of Hale and Jones as found in other copies.

This is perhaps the most famous American all-lithographed book of the 19th century, with chromolithographic illustrations and embellishments that lavishly enhance the whole. In Stamped with a National Character, his study of 19th-century American color plate books, William Reese described the report this way: "The first full translation of the Rosetta Stone, undertaken by three members of the University of Pennsylvania faculty [an error; Reese means "student body"], provided the basis for a notable display of chromolithographic book illustration by the Philadelphia lithographer, Louis Rosenthal. The entire book was lithographed, presumably to better accommodate the hieroglyphs, but Rosenthal went far beyond necessity. He created hundreds of crude but exuberant chromolithographs intermingled with the text, showing scenes from Egyptian life or elaborate borders in quasi-Egyptian motifs. It is one of the few American books printed entirely by lithography" (p. 99).

The Philomathean Society, or "Philo," as its members have always called it, was founded October 2, 1813, by all thirteen members of the University of Pennsylvania's junior class, its original purpose being "the advancement of learning;" a counterweight and complement to Penn's academic coursework.

Having received a donated cast of the Rosetta Stone the Society published the first complete English translation of it. The work was performed by three undergraduate members. Selling out two editions, the translation was internationally hailed as a monumental work of scholarship. In 1988, the British Museum included the Philomathean Report in its select bibliography of the most important works ever published on the Rosetta Stone. Still active at the University, the Society maintains a full-scale cast of the stone in its meeting room, along with several original lithographic prints of the report. $700

Auguste Racinet. Le Costume Historique. Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1888. Six volumes. Folio. 471 plates of 500 (172 monochromatic and 299 in brilliant color). Many plates highlighted in gold, with 12 back- to- back plates of clothing patterns. Bound in library buckram. Ex libris with typical withdrawal stamps. Interior clean and beautiful. A lovely set with much information.

Superb chromolithographed plates illustrating the history of costume in many lands and many periods. $1,250

Charles F. Horne, Editor. A series of Pen and Pencil Sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in history: Soldiers & Sailors; Statesmen & Sages; Workmen & Heroes; Artists & Authors. New York: Selmar Hess, 1894. Complete set of 68 10 x 12 fascicles, many with uncut pages. Published as eight volumes, with fascicle 68 containing the index to each volume's essays and illustrations. $325

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