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Maps of the War of Spanish Succession
from Rapin's History of England


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Maps from Paul de Rapin's The History of England written in French by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras. Translated into English with Additional Notes by N. Tindal. London: 1732. Second edition. Maps approximately 14 x 19, plus margins. Engravings. Some maps with repaired tears and some chips in margins-ask for information on specific examples. Maps are time toned and some maps with slight transference, as to be expected. With folds as originally issued. Otherwise, good condition.

Paul de Rapin (1661-1725) was born in Castes and educated at the Protestant academy of Saumur. In 1685 after the death of his father he moved to England but after being unable to find employment moved to Holland and enlisted in French volunteers at Utrecht commanded by his cousin Daniel de Rapin. He accompanied the prince of Orange to England in 1688 and participated in the Irish campaigns of the siege of Carrickfergus, Battle of the Boyne and Limerick. Rapin resigned to become tutor to the Earl of Portland's son. He settled in Holland where he began work on The History of England. This publication chronicles the time of Britain from the invasion of the Romans to the death of Charles I. It was published in Holland in 1724 in 8 volumes. The work was an attempt to be exhaustive in the spirit of the eighteenth century philosophies by treating the subject from prehistoric times up to the date of publication. It was translated into English and published by Nicholas Tindal in London between 1725-31. Tindal was chaplain to Sir Charles Wager in the Baltic in 1726. It was at this time he published the first of fifteen volumes of his translation of Rapin's History of England. He was later Chaplain to Greenwich Hospital.

The maps listed represent battles that took place during the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1713) concluded by the Treaties of Utrecht. The war resulted from a dispute over who should inherit Spain and its possessions after its Habsburg rulers became extinct in 1700. The last Habsburg king of Spain, Charles II (d. 1700) had left the throne to his closest relative in female line: Philippe de France, duke of Anjou, grandson of Louis XIV (Felipe V of Spain). The closest relatives in male line, the Habsburgs of Austria, disputed this claim, and many European nations did not want to see French princes reigning over both kingdoms. The Utrecht treaties recognized Felipe V of Spain, but transferred the Spanish possessions in the Netherlands and Italy to Austria and to Savoy. To reach the goal of separating the crowns of France and Spain, the treaties required Felipe V to relinquish all claims to the French throne, and the remaining French princes to relinquish all claims to the Spanish throne.

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Aeth: "Aeth a Strong Frontier Town in Brabant, taken by the Duke of Marlborough in 1706."

Menin: "Menin a Very Strong Town in the Earldom of Flanders Taken by the Allies in the 1706 and retaken by the French in 1744 "

Namur: "The City of Namur with the Castle and other Fortifications."


Aire: "Plan of the city of Aire and of Fort St. Francis with a view of St. Venant. Aire a very Strong City and Castle in the Low Countries in the Earldom of Artois taken by the Allies in 1710 but restored to the French by the Treaty of Utrecht."

Bethune: "Plan of Bethune a Strong Town in the Earldom of Artois in the Low Countries Subject to the French."

Bouchain: "Plan of the City of Bouchain situated upon the Rivers Sensette and Scheld in the County of Hainault."

Denain: "Plan of Different Movements of ye Army of ye Allies under Prince Eugene of Savoy and of ye French Army under Marshal Villars; from ye beginning of ye Campaign to ye 24th of July, 1712, when ye French attached ye intrenched Camp at Denain commanded by the E. of Albemarle."

Douai: "Intrenchment of the Army of the Allies to cover the Siege of Douay against the French Army, that came to raise it Jun 1710."

Douai: "Plan of the City of Doway. A Strong City in the Earldom of Flanders in the Low Countries Subject to the French."

Maps are $125 unless noted otherwise


Hochstadt: "Plan of the Glorious Battle of Hochstet gained by the Allied on August 13th, 1704."


Cerdana: "Plan of Cardona a Strong City and Castle of Catalonia upon the River Cardoner as Besieged by the French and Defended by the Allies."

Prats Del Ray: "Plan of the Incampment of the Allied at Prats Del Rey under the Command of Count Staremberg and of ye Enemy under the Duke of VEndosme; where ye tow Armies lay from ye 17th of September to ye 25th of December, 1711 when ye Enemy Decamped and ye Allies the 27th."

Maps are $125 unless noted otherwise


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