Pohl, J.B.E.  “Manihot laciniosa”   Plate 48

Pohl, J.B.E. “Manihot laciniosa” Plate 48

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J.B.E. Pohl.  Plate 48.  “Manihot laciniosa”  From Plantarum Brasiliae Icones

 Vienna: A. Strauss, 1827-31.  LithographVery good condition.  Dunthorne 226; Great Flower Books p. 70.  

A print from a finely drawn series on plants of Brazil.  The prints from this series are lithograph which were drawn with a fine pen on the lithographic stones in order to successfully imitate the quality of an engraved line.  Botanist Johann Pohl spent most of his life in Prague and Vienna, and is most remembered for his work on the flora of Brazil.  Pohl’s published works include Reise im Innern von Brasilien (Travels into the Interior of Brazil, two volumes, 1832 and 1837) and the Plantarum Brasiliae icones et descriptions, (also two volumes, 1826-1828 and 1828-1833).

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