Andrews, H.C. "Rosa Provincialis Blanda" Plate 17

Andrews, H.C. "Rosa Provincialis Blanda" Plate 17

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H.C. Andrews. Plate 17. "Rosa Provincialis blanda"From Roses: or Monograph of the Genus Rosa: Containing Coloured Figures of All the Known Species and Beautiful Varieties, Drawn, Engraved, Described, and Coloured, from the Living Plants.

London: H.C. Andrews, 1805. Quarto. 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 (image). Engraved and hand colored by H.C. Andrews. Excellent condition. Extremely rare. 

According to Gordon Dunthorne, in his Flower & Fruit Prints of the 18th and early 19th centuries, little is known about H.C. Andrews other than his address at 5 Knightsbridge, and his proficiency and profligacy as an engraver, colorist and author of five series of botanical publications. As with all his works, these images were drawn, engraved and colored by Andrews alone. Andrews' Roses was the last of his botanical seriesAll of his hand colored engravings are desirable both for their fine details and their rarity. Images from the Roses are the most rare. These are exquisite and extraordinary images. (Dunthorne, item 12.)

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