Albin,  Eleazer  "To the Right Honorable Henry Earl of Thomond"

Albin, Eleazer "To the Right Honorable Henry Earl of Thomond"

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 Eleazer Albin.  Pl. XXVII. "To the Right Honorable Henry Earl of Thomond".  From The Natural History of English Insects.

London, 1714-21. Quarto. 10 ½ x 71 ½ (plate mark).  Full original hand color. Full margins. Very good condition. 

Eleazar Albin was a water-colorist who specialized in natural history illustration. His drawings appeared in a number of books including A Natural History of English Insects (1720), A Natural History of Birds (1731-38) and The Natural History of Spiders and other Curious Insects (1736). His Natural History of Birds was the first British work of ornithology to feature hand-colored plates. These are delightful examples of moths and caterpillars as represented in early eighteenth century natural history illustration.

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