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Professional Opinion of Value
or E-Mail Appraisal

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Where a formal appraisal is not warranted, or where it is difficult to have us physically examine the item(s) in question, a less formal, e-mail appraisal may be appropriate. As this procedure does not follow the accepted appraisal standards, many appraisers prefer to call this a "professional opinion of value" (POV). A POV is good for those who desire a rough idea of the value of an item, but do not want to pay for a formal appraisal. A POV is not for legal matters (such as estates, donations, etc.), but can help you decide how to treat an item for the purposes of selling it, framing it, restoring it, insuring it and so forth.

What you get with a POV is our considered opinion of the value of the item in question, based upon your description and photographs. You get neither research nor a full description, and we do not provide a professional statement of the appraised worth of your item. What you do get is a considered statement of our opinion of what such items sell for based on our many years of experience as one of the leading print and map dealers in the world.

$45 per item. No charge if value is $50 or less.

Basis for POV
Our experience as print and map sellers.
Client description with or without supporting images
(Do not send images by email without contacting us first.)

POV includes
Our opinion of the value of the item(s), retail or wholesale

POV does not include
Typed or full description
Extensive research
Formal statement of appraisal of the item(s)


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