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Prints by William Nicholson

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William Nicholson Sir William Nicholson (1872-1949) was an English artist well known for his unique style of woodcut prints. Beginning in the 1890s, he created posters with his brother-in-law James Pryde, using the pseudonyms J. & W. Beggarstaff. In 1897, Nicholson produced a woodcut print of Queen Victoria that was very well received and helped establish his reputation with the British public. About that same time Nicholson cut a series of wood blocks of An Illustrated Alphabet for publisher William Heinemann. Originally issued in a very small run of hand colored woodcuts, their popularity led to the images being transferred to lithographic stones and printed in a bound volume. This was soon followed by two other similar series of images, An Almanac of Twelve Sports and London Types. Nicholson's style is instantly recognizable, with the broad strokes from his original woodcuts printed with subtle variations of earth tones, harking back to earlier British chap book illustrations. After the turn of the century, Nicholson turned more to painting, though he did continue to produce illustrations for several books. The prints from his three bound plates volumes offer a wonderful sample of Nicholson's vision and also of British culture at the end of the nineteenth century.


Prints by William Nicholson. From An Almanac of Twelve Sports. London: William Heinemann, 1898. Ca. 7 3/4 x 7 3/4. Color lithographic transfer from wood block. Very good condition.
January - Hunting. NA
February - Coursing. NA
March - Racing. $200
April - Boating. NA
May - Fishing. NA
June - Cricket. $275
July - Archery. $175
August - Coaching. $200
September - Shooting. NA
October - Golf. NA
November - Boxing. NA
December - Skating.


Prints by William Nicholson. From London Types. London: William Heinemann, 1898. Ca. 10 x 9. Color lithographic transfer from wood block. Very good condition.
"The Tower" $200
Flower girl
Flower girl
"Any Corner" $175
"Any Bar" NA
Drum Major
Drum Major
"Wimbledon Common" $175
Horse Guard
"The Horse Guards" $175
"Kensington" $175
"The City" NA
"Hammersmith" $175
Sandwich Man
Sandwich Man
"Trafalgar Square" $175
"Rotten Row" NA
Newgate Street
Blue Coat Boy
"Newgate Street" $175
Mounted Policeman
"Constitution Hill" $175


Prints by William Nicholson. An Alphabet. New York: R.H. Russell, 1898. Ca. 9 1/2 x 7 3/4. Color lithographic transfer from wood block. Very good condition.
A was an artist
A was an Artist NA
[This is a self portrait of Nicholson]
B is for Beggar
B for Beggar $200
[A portrait of Nicholson's brother-in-law]
C is for Countess
C is for Countess NA
D is for Dandy
D is for Dandy NA
E is for Earl
E is for Earl NA
F is for Flower Girl
F is for Flower Girl NA
G for Gentleman
G is for Gentleman NA
H for Huntsman
H for Huntsman NA
I for Idiot
I for Idiot NA
J for Jockey
J for Jockey NA
K is for Keeper
K is for Keeper NA
L is for Lady
L is for Lady NA
M for Milkmaid
M for Milkmaid $225
N for Nobleman
N for Nobleman $225
O for Ostler
O for Ostler NA
P for Publican
P for Publican NA
Q for Quaker
Q for Quaker NA
R is for Robber
R is for Robber NA
S for Sportsman
S for Sportsman NA
T for Trumpeter
T for Trumpeter $225
U for Urchin
U for Urchin NA
V for Villain
V is for Villain NA
W for Waitress
W for Waitress NA

X for Xylographer JT - OUT ON APPROVAL
[Woodcut artist]
Y is for Yokel
Y is for Yokel NA
Z is for Zoologist
And Z for ZoologistNA
Title Page
Title page NA
Alte Frau
"Alte Frau." From Pan [Originally G for Gipsy] $200


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