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Jean François de Neufforge's
Recueil Élémentaire d'Architecture . . .

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Jean François de Neufforge. From Recueil Élémentaire D'Architecture qui Représente Divers Exemples d'Églises et Chapelles; des Grands Bâtiments depuis 12 Toises de face jusqu'à 120 plusieurs Décorations d'Apartements et Salles de Spectacles:... Paris: J.F. de Neufforge, 1767. Folio. Each ca. 14 1/4 x 9 1/2. Laid paper. Copper engraving by J.F. de Neufforge. Excellent condition.

From a group of handsome architectural studies and details drawn, engraved and published by J.F. de Neufforge. These are classically decorative images of building façades and other architectural details. Each engraving demonstrates a balance between the simple lines of classic Greco-Roman architecture and the fine ornament and detail prevalent in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These delightful, delicately engraved prints are fine examples of the decoration of the period immediately preceding the American and French Revolutions.


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