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McIan's Highlanders


MacPhee Menzies Robert Ronald McIan. From The Clans of The Scottish Highlands. London: Ackermann and Co., 1845. Folio; ca. 12 x 8. Lithographs. Original hand-color. Full margins. Very good condition.

A series of beautiful hand-colored prints of the highland clans from Scotland, showing the clan tartans. Queen Victoria was the first of the English monarchs to become interested in her Scottish heritage. In response to this royal interest, R. R. McIan and James Logan made extensive research into the clans of the Scottish highlands, and then produced their sumptuous volumes. This was the first comprehensive illustrated work on the Scottish clans, presenting a descriptive history of each clan and a picture of its clan plaid. Thus, these prints represent a primary source for subsequent work on the clans and their tartans. These are fascinating and colorful pieces of Scottish history.

This is a complete listing of the clans illustrated by McIan. Those without prices are not available at this time, though we will be happy to keep your request on file, in anticipation of acquiring an additional example of a particular image. Contact us to have your request added to our "Wants List."

N.B. Those figures with an asterisk (*) are represented by a woman.



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