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The Philadelphia Print Shop on-line reference library is for the use of anyone interested in prints, printmaking, maps and mapmaking. We have included the reference pages below to provide useful information. The pages are linked to our commercial pages, but all content on these reference pages is non-commercial in intent.

If you have questions about antique prints, maps or related books that are not answered in our reference library, we would be happy to help if we can. Please visit our queries page to find out how we might be able to be of assistance.

All text is copyrighted by The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. and is intended for non-commercial use by our web site visitors.


Questions about a print or map I own

Most questions we get concern items owned by the questioner. We are happy to help where we can. However, we are a business with a small staff and there are limits, both practical and professional, as to the assistance we can offer. We have some reference pages, listed below, with general information that might answer the questions you have. Check these first and if they do not help, you are welcome to contact us, as explained on our queries page.

Care of maps and prints

General Printmaking

Print & Map Publishers

Prints & Map Subjects


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