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Mother Goose prints by Frederick Richardson. From Eulalie Osgood Grover's Mother Goose. Chicago: Vollard & Co., 1915. 9 x 7. Color screen prints. Very good condition.

Classic nursery rhyme prints drawn by Frederick Richardson, an American illustrator who studied in St. Louis and Paris and taught at the Chicago Art Institute. He is famous for his illustrations for L. Frank Baum and for various children's tales and nursery rhymes. These are terrific examples of his work, each vividly illustrating a rhyme, a verse for which is included in the image. $45 each

Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue
come blow your horn
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Peter, Peter
pumpkin eater
Dickery, Dickery, Dock
Dickery, Dickery, Dock
The mouse ran up the clock
Little Bo-peer
Little Bo-peer
has lost her sheep
Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill
went up the hill
Dillar Dollar
A dillar, a dollar
A ten o'clock scholar
Tom Tom
Tom, Tom
the piper's son
Little Polly Flinders
Little Polly Flinders
Sat among the cinders
Bye Baby Bunting
Bye Baby Bunting
Father's gone a-hunting
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V. Floyd Campbell. From The Roosevelt Bears, Their Travels and Adventures by Seymour Eaton. Philadelphia: Edward Stern & Co., 1906. Ca. 8 x 6. Colored screen prints and uncolored lithographs. Very good condition.

A delightful collection of images from the whimsical adventures of TEDDY-B and TEDDY-G, the Roosevelt Bears, up to their usual mischief. $75 each (color) $40 each (black & white)

Teddy sliding down rope from balloon
They slid down ropes and hit the ground and landed in Chicago safe and sound.
Teddy-B Clown
Two Roosevelt Bears had a home out West in a big ravine near a mountain crest
Teddy tipping a porter
To a colored porter in gray and gold TEDDY-G gave a tip.
Teddy in Pullman car
'I won't sleep upstairs,' said TEDDY-G, 'I want a window, I want to see.'
Teddy sliding down rope from balloon
"We're here to learn the farmer's trade; to swing a flail or to use a spade."
Teddy teaching school
TEDDY-B banged on the desk and said that he would run the school that day and see.
Teddy in Pullman car
They walked on ropes drawn good and tight and jumped through hoops and landed right.
Teddy sliding down rope from balloon
Two tailors came with cloth and tape to fit them out in handsome shape.
Teddy teaching school
It was worth a trip a mile to see this paper package marked TEDDY-G.
Teddy in Yellow slickers
They dressed themseleves in rubber suits, with rubber hoods and rubber boots.
Teddy in Yellow slickers
But the play that caused the biggest laugh was TEDDY G on a big giraffe.
Teddy teaching school
'We've broken something,' said TEDDY-G. 'It's underneath; get down and see.'
Teddy in Yellow slickers
'These gowns and caps and scrolls you see, we give you now as your degree.'
Teddy sliding down rope from balloon
TEDDY-B put a match to a pile of wood and made a fire and cooked the food.
Teddy teaching school
They spent some days in seeing the town: doing Fifth Avenue up and down.
Roosevelt bears eat cake
Roosevelt bears eating layer cake and ice cream
Teddy sliding down rope from balloon
They slid down ropes and hit the ground and landed in Chicago safe and sound.
Teddy in Chicago with candy
Reporters called to get the news about their trip and to print their views.
Roosevelt Bears at sea
They tried their best to turn about, but the wind was high and it drove them out.
Teddy on a sea voyage North
'My doctor said,' spoke TEDDY-B, 'that an ocean voyage would eb good for me.'
Teddy-B at camp
TEDDY-B took his place beneath the tree, while the names were called by TEDDY-G.
Teddy on a Camel
Teddy-B couldn't make the camel turn and at every round he had time to burn.
Teddy on Escalator
This stairway climbs itself, you know; you just step on and up you go.
Teddy-B Clown
A speech was made by Teddy-B, who told the boys and girls that he
Believed in fun and honest strife.
Roosevelt Bears at the Market
"I'll sell your stuff," said Teddy-B; "Let me get up in the cart and see."
Teddy on Straw
And piled in the straw and oats and hay, when his coat got caught in the wheels some way.
Teddy-B teaching school
The class in geography was brought forth and asked the distance from South to North.
Teddy-G and Teddy-B boxing
To show the bunch of athletes there what bears could do on a racing track; and a trick or two.
Teddy-B pilots a ship
Teddy-B took a turn at the wheel awhile, and steered the ship for half a mile.
Teddy-B meets a Russian bear
He took the paw of the Russian bear and asked how things were over there.
Teddy-G dancing
They danced a two-step and sang as well, and heard Uncle Josh his stories tell.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G in the dining car
"The same for me," said Teddy-G; "Get a man to help get two or three."
Teddy G as chauffeur
TEDDY-G said he would chauffeur be, and run the car like sixty-three; while TEDDY-B said folks would find him following pretty close behind.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G in a balloon
The first to speak was Teddy-G:
"The earth has dropped somewhere," said he.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G leaving home
With bags on backs and sticks in hand they startted their tramp across the land.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G in the Boston jail
And given a cell and locked up tight
and told to stay there for the night.
Roosevelt bears on an ice floe
"We're the Roosevelt Bears," said Teddy-B;
"A Boston storm blew us out to sea."
Roosevelt Bears at a picnic
The boys were there, the happiest bunch
that ever ate a basket lunch.
Roosevelt Bears meet a raccoon
About three o'clock in the afternoon
they stopped to talk to a big raccoon.
Teddy-B o horseback
They asked a man how far they'd come. 'One hundred and fifty miles,' said he.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G boarding a train
To a colored porter in gray and gold.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G ejected from train
The walking's good and you can go from here to Chicago by heel and toe.
Roosevelt bears playing with children
The tricks they played that day were great; the black bear teacher and the gray bear mate.
Roosevelt Bears crossing a river
Like Bruce's spider of days goe by, he'd try, and try, and try, and try.
Roosevelt Bears' balloon on the ocean
The wind was high and the balloon it flew like a lifeboat sail with a shipwrecked crew.
Roosevelt Bears in plaid suits
They had rested up for a day or more, and bought some clothes in a country store.
Roosevelt bear in formal suit
With suits on order and ready made and vests and ties in every shade.
Teddy-B and Teddy-G observing Niagara Falls
They started off at once to view the rolling rapids and the big horseshoe.
Roosevelt Bears hands up
'Hands up,' he said 'you come with us; don't touch your gun; don't make a fuss.'
Roosevelt bears at Plymout Rock
'This is the rock,' said Teddy B, 'upon which we built this country.'
Teddy-B and Teddy-G lost in Scollay Square
They lost themselves in Scollay Square; they didn't know which way or where.
Roosevelt Bears at Bunker Hill monument
And wrote, 'Taken Again' where all could see; Signed 'Teddy-B' and Teddy-G.'
Roosevelt bear as Minuteman statue
'I'd like to stand up there alone Like that minute man on that block of stone.'
Teddy-B left behind at station
The train was off and Teddy-B was left twelve miles from Teddy-G.
Roosevelt bears at the circus
But the biggest fun that was made that day was by TEDDY-G with his clownish play.
Roosevelt Bears feted with flowers boarding a train
The rose is red, the violet blue; these flowers are sweet and so are you.
Teddy-G on a bicycle
Teddy-G came down the road that day at such a speed, the farmers say,
that time was turned the other way.
Roosevelt Bears as country lads
'And started them off like country lads.'
Roosevelt bears buy clothes
He sold the bears some clothes to wear; as many things as he could spare.
Rosoevelt bears count their money
The bears counting their money.
Roosevelt Bears on a donkey mascot
A donkey mascot hard to ride, and full to the brim of kick beside.

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