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Peter P. Good. From Good's Family Flora. Hartford: E.C. Kellogg, 1845. Ca. 7 x 4 1/2. Lithographs. Original full hand color.

From a volume published by the prolific lithographic firm of the Kellogg family in Hartford, Connecticut, these charming images capture the essence of a large number of plants, some edible or medicinal, others native to North America.

Note on condition: these original prints are generally in very good condition. However, some prints exhibit some time-toning (browning) at the page edges; others have spots or transference from the other pages in the original book. Please examine the images closely before ordering--any of the aforementioned issues is evident in the digital image if present.

Sweet Fern
Comptonia Asplenifolia.
Sweet Fern. $25
Lappa Major.
Burdock. $30
Water Cress
Plate 4. Nasturtiom Officinale.
Water Cress. $25
Pink Carnation
Plate 5. Dianthus Caryophyllus.
Pink Carnation. NA
Plate 6. Juniperus Sabina.
Savin. $25
May weed
Plate 13. Maruta Cotula.
May weed Wild Flower. $25
Winter Berry
Plate 14. Prinos Verticillatus.
Winter Berry Black Alder. $25
Plate 15. Frigeron Philadelphicum.
Scabious Philadelphia Flea-bane. $35
Swamp Dogwood
Plate 19. Cornus Sericea.
Red Osier, Swamp Dogwood. $25
Skunk Cabbage
Plate 20. Symplocarpus Fœtidus.
Skunk Cabbage. $30
American Senna
Plate 21. Cassia Marilandica.
American Senna. $40
Spotted Geranium
Plate 22. Geranium Maculatum.
Spotted Geranium, Cranes-bill. $30
Bind Weed
Plate 24. Convolvulus Panduratus.
Fiddle-leaved Bind-weed. $30
Indian Tobacco
Plate 27. Lobelia Inflata.
Indian Tobacco. $35
Butterfly weed
Plate 30. Asclepias Tuberosa.
Tuberous-rooted Asclepias, Butterfly weed. NA
Red Oak
Plate 31. Quercus Rubra.
Red Oak. NA
Cayenne Pepper
Plate 32. Capsicum Annuum.
Red Pepper, Cayenne Pepper. $25
Plate 34. Merica Cerifera.
Mayberry. $25
Plate 35. Borago Officinalis. $40
American Ipecacuanha
Plate 36. Euphorbia Ipecacuanha.
American Ipecacuanha. $25
Slippery Elm
Plate 38. Ulmus Fulva.
Slippery elm. Red elm. $30
High Mallow
Plate 40. Malva Sylvestris.
High Mallow. NA
Plate 41. Inula Helenium.
Elecampane. $40
Seneca Snake-root
Plate 42. Polygala Seneka.
Seneca Snake-root. $30
Common red currant
Plate 43. Ribes Rubrum.
Common red currant. NA
Lady slipper
Plate 44. Cyripedium Pubescens.
Lady slipper. NA
Water lily
Plate 45. Nymphaea Odorata.
Water lily. $35
Plate 47. Gaultheria Procumbens.
Checkerberry. $30
Prickly Ash
Plate 48. Zanthoxylum Americanum.
Prickly Ash. $30
Seneca Snake-root
Plate 50. Daphne Mezereum.
Mezereon. $40
Common Elder
Plate 51. Eupatorium Perfoliatum.
Thoroughwort Boneset. $30
Common Elder
Plate 55. Convolvulus Scammonia.
Scammony. $25
White Lily
Plate 58. Lilium Candidum.
White Lily. NA
Yellow Gentian
Plate 60. Gentiana Lutea.
Yellow Gentian. $30
Common Wine Grape
Plate 62. Vitis Vinifera.
Common Wine Grape. $45
Plate 63. Triosteum Perfoliatum.
Feverwort, Wild Coffee. $40
Plate 65. Eugenia Pimenta.
Allspice, Bayberry tree. $25
Plate 68. Ipomæa Jalapa.
Jalap. $35
Turmeric root
Plate 69. Hydrastis Canadensis.
Turmeric root, Golden seal. $30
Plate 71. Conium Maculatum.
Hemlock. $25
Spindle tree
Plate 72. Euonymus Atropurpureus.
Spindle tree. $30
Plate 74. Hedeoma Pulegioides.
Pennyroyal, Squaw-mint. $25
Plate 76. Helonias Dioica.
Unicorn, Blazing-star, Ague-root. $25
Plate 77. Cassia Fistula.
Cassia. $35
Plate 80. Chelone Glabra.
Balmony, Snake head. $30
St. John's-wort
Plate 81. Hypericum Perforatum.
Common St. John's-wort. $30
Plate 82. Guaiacum Officinale.
Lignum vitæ, Guaiacum. $40
Plate 83. Tanacetum Vulgare.
Tansy. $30
Virginia Tobacco
Plate 84. Nicotiana Tabacum.
Virginia Tobacco. $35
Plate 86. Thea Chinensis.
Tea. $30
Indian lettuce
Plate 87. Frasera Carolinensis.
American Columbo Indian lettuce. $30
Plate 88. Ceanothus Americanus.
Jersey-tea, red-root. $35
Winter's Bark
Plate 89. Drimys Winteri.
Winter's Bark. $45
Common Celaudine
Plate 91. Chelidonium Majus.
Common Celaudine, tetterwort. $25
Meadow saffron
Plate 92. Colchicum Autumnale.
Meadow saffron. $45
Velvet leaf
Plate 93. Cissampelos Paveiva.
Velvet leaf, Ice vine. $25
Plate 95. Coriandrum Sativum.
Coriander. $25
Plate 96. Cocculus Palmatus.
Colombo Plant. $25
Classification 1
Plate 99. Linnaean Classification.
Plate 1. $20
Classification 2
Plate 100. Linnaean Classification.
Plate 2 $20

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