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Sporting prints by A.B. Frost

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Arthur Burdett (A.B.) Frost is the most loved member of the school of American sporting artists that appeared towards the end of the nineteenth century. His range of subjects included hunting, fishing, golf, and archery. Born in Philadelphia at the middle of the nineteenth century, Frost grew up watching and participating in the sports he documented, becoming one of the greatest illustrators of sports in America. His work captured the feeling of the sports, and included accurate details. Much of his work appeared as newspaper illustrations in such publications as Century, Scribner's, and Harper's Weekly, and he also had a number of his watercolors produced in the more elaborate format of chromolithography.


Frost: Autumn Woodcock
Prints by A.B. Frost. From Shooting Pictures. New York: Charles Scribner & Sons, 1895. All approximately 13 x 20. Chromolithographs by Armstrong & Co, Boston. Very good condition. Bennett: American Color Plate Books, 44.

Shortly after the appearance of the Gould portfolio, a similar portfolio, Shooting Pictures, was issued by Scribner & Sons. It consisted of twelve chromolithographs after Frost. Originally sold by subscription, each of the six parts included two prints and two text sheets. Also included were three pen and ink illustrations of shooting incidents, executed by Frost. The original subscription was limited to 2500 copies, but due to its size and cumbersomeness, many of the portfolios were broken up, the prints often being framed for display. The use of the lighter, French-style of chromolithography enabled the prints to capture the warmth and richness of the original watercolors.

Note that the Frost prints from this series were issued on thick backing boards. Some of the following prints have been removed from this backing board. Enquire for specifics on any particular print.

Prints by A.B. Frost. From The Day's Shooting. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1903. Chromolithographs by the Grignard Litho. Co. Ca. 15 1/2 x 10 1/2.

In the early twentieth century, Charles Scribner's Sons (successor to Scribner & Sons) issued another portfolio of chromolithographs after other Frost images. This portfolio consisted of six chromolithographs that formed pairs, illustrating the very human sporting situations of success and failure.


Newspaper Illustrations:

Many of Frost's images appeared as illustrations in illustrated newspapers in the latter nineteenth century. These original Frost prints are the only way that these images were produced.


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