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Antique Maps of Florida

Florida Flag

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SDUK Florida
After Tanner. "North America XIV: Florida."London: SDUK, 1834. 16 1/8 x 13 1/2 (full sheet). Engraving by J. & C. Walker. Original outline hand-coloring. Very good condition.

A precise and cleanly drawn map of Florida by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). This wonderful English enterprise was devoted to the spreading of up-to-date information and the enhancing of understanding. This crisply drawn map of Florida is an important early rendering of the state. It is based on the work of Tanner, an influential American cartographer. The careful detail and fine engraving show off the SDUK work at its best. $375

Bradford Florida
Thomas G. Bradford. "Florida." From A Comprehensive Atlas. Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston: W.D. Ticknor, 1835. 10 1/8 x 7 3/4. Engraving. Original outline color. Full margins. First issue. A few light spots, mostly in margins. Else, very good condition.

An early map of Florida published in 1835, a decade prior to statehood. Florida was formally acquired by the United States from Spain in 1821, and rapid emigration from the north soon followed. This led to strains with the native Americans which resulted in the second Seminole War of 1835. This map was issued just at the time of this conflict, and its depiction of tribal locations and territories is fascinating. Other details include illustrations of rivers, swamps, lakes, and towns, almost all of which were located in the northern-most quarter of the territory. A most interesting map of Florida. $275

Mitchell Florida
"County Map of Florida."/"County Map of North Carolina."/"Map of South Carolina," with inset "Map of Charleston Harbor." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1866. Lithograph. Original hand-coloring. Scattered spots near center of plate. Else, very good condition.

For most of the middle part of the nineteenth century, the firm founded by S. Augustus Mitchell dominated American cartography in output and influence. This fine map is from one of his son's atlases. The Mitchell firm's maps are known for their precision and great detail. Mitchell gathered the best current information available, and depicted it with great clarity. Information shown includes rivers, lakes, swamps, and islands. Also shown are towns, railroads, and political borders. $185

"Florida." From Gaskell's Atlas of the World. Chicago: Gaskell, 1887. 11 1/4 x 16 5/8. Cereograph map with original printed color. Very good condition.

Charles A. Gaskell arrived in Chicago in the early 1880s, commencing a career as an author, publisher and book distributor. This atlas map is a good example of the quality of American mapmaking at the time. Done by cerography, or wax engraving, the map is filled with precise, clear and copious details. Depicted are towns, road, railroads, rivers, all set against a topographical background, and with pastel shades delineating counties shown as they existed from March 1885 to February 1887. $55

Rand McNally Florida
"Florida." From Rand, McNally's Atlas of the World. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1899. Color cerograph. 9 1/8. x 12 3/8. Short repaired tear in bottom margin; else, very good condition.

A handsome map of Florida from Rand McNally's Atlas of the World. With the development of wax engraving (cerography), more maps and atlases were, for the first time, easily produced in cities beyond the major printing centers of New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. This is a nice example of his output, showing the sunshine state. Also includes an interesting inset of "Lake, Orange and Volusia Counties," just north and west of Orlando. $85


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