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Benton Murdoch Spruance (1904-1967) "Moby Dick. The Passion of Ahab." Barre, Massachusetts: Barre Publishers, 1968. Portfolio of 26 color offset lithographs with text by Lawrance Thompson. Sheet size: 16 x 22. Edition: 450. Very good condition in clean portfolio. Title page professionally conserved. Ref: Variant of Fine & Looney: 492-97 and 504-29.

These haunting images from Melville's great American novel constitute some of Spruance's final published work. According to Fine and Looney, "Several of the images…were published in grays rather than colors because Spruance died before he could complete the supervision of the project." Most of the images are printed in muted colors of sea, sky, and earth, and convey the drama and pathos of man confronting the natural world. $1,600


Theo Ballou White (1902-1978) was a prolific artist and architect, was born and trained in Philadelphia, who later worked in Norfolk, Virginia. His lithographs are very much of the urban school style of the 1930s and 1940s producing a number of interesting prints, mostly architectural, from Philadelphia and around the United States. He issued a number of fine portfolios of views of different parts of the county. All of his works are of a quality that reflects White's background as an architect; his trained eye focuses our attention on interesting details of the buildings he so lovingly portrays. All of the prints are signed in pencil, all are uncolored, and all are in very good condition except as noted.

A Portfolio of Seven Lithographs of the Colonial Mansions of Fairmount Park by Theo B. White with an introduction by Fiske Kimball. (Narberth: Grasberger Galleries, 1933). "This edition is limited to one hundred and twenty portfolios of which one hundred and ten are for sale. Numbers one to eleven are printed on Japan paper and signed by the author. The number of this portfolio is '10'." Spotless, complete, and all original. One of eleven on Japan paper. All the plates are signed. The set: $550

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White: Portico Row
Richmond: Twelve Lithographs of the City on the James. Richmond: Garrett and Massie, Inc., 1934. "This edition consists of four hundred and fifty copies."

The set: $800
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White: Bruton Church, Williamsburg
Seven Lithographs of Old Churches in Virginia. (Narberth: Grasberger Galleries, n.d.). Seven loose matted lithographs, as issued, in original portfolio binding. Excellent condition. All plates are signed and titled in pencil.

The set: $550
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