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The Search for El Dorado

Volume VIII of Theodor De Bry's Grand Voyages.


Illustrations from Achter Theil Americae... Frankfurt: Johann Theodor De Bry, 1624. Second German edition. Engravings with letter press. Narrow margins as issued. Very good condition.

These prints are illustrations of the futile search for the legendary city of El Dorado in the highlands of Guiana in Northeast South America. Though originally thought to be in the mountains of Columbia, the non-existent city of El Dorado slowly moved down into the Amazon Valley and eastward across the continent until it found its final location in Guiana. The Spanish Governor Berreo spent most of the last years of his life searching for this mythical land, and as a result of his capture by one of Sir Walter Raleigh', Berreo's quest was taken up by the English captain, who eventually lost his life as a result of his ill-fated search for the Golden City which never existed.

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