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De Bry Vol. IIISpacerDe Bry Vol. III

Hans Staden with the cannibals in Brazil

Volume III of Theodor De Bry's Grand Voyages.


Illustrations after Hans Staden. From Dritte Buch Americae, Darinn Brasilia durch Johann Staden von Homberg.... Frankfurt: Johann Theodor De Bry, 1593+. Second German edition. Engravings with letter press. Narrow margins as issued. Very good condition.

Hans Staden on a sixteenth century voyage to Brazil was captured by a tribe of cannibals. He eventually escaped and returned to Europe. His account was of great interest to Europeans, for whom cannibals were one of the most fascinating aspects of the exotic nature of the New World, and so De Bry issued his account, accompanied by graphic images, as Volume III of the Grand Voyages.



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