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"Colton's Map of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico." New York: G.W. and C.B. Colton & Co., 1866. 16 3/4 x 26. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition.

A fascinating map of the southwestern part of the United States by the Colton firm of New York City, issued just after the Civil War. This was a period when the American west was really opening up for settlers and this map captures the region at a very early stage of its development. When issued, the territories had taken on the shape that the states have today, though in this early version of the Colton map of the region Nevada's eastern border is too far west (it was moved in 1864) and the southern tip of what is today Nevada is still part of Arizona, as it was until the following year.

The topographical detail is very good, but it is the social information that is so interesting. Towns, forts, Indian tribes, passes, explorer routes, the pony express, and early trails (e.g. "Emigrant Road") are all depicted. Some of this is quite current, while other aspects are a bit out-of-date (such as still showing Auraria next to Denver City. Of particular note are the indications of early railroads, both proposed and existing, including the proposed route of the "Pacific R.R." In the vast middle parts of this map, the mountains are not fully filled in, but good indications are given of the locations of Indian tribes and mines. California, in contrast to the territories, is shown extensively developed, with many counties, towns, and a network of roads and rail lines. $350

Hammond Colorado 1908
"Colorado." New York: Hammond, 1909. 8 x 11. Cerograph. Very good condition. $50

Cram Colorado 1928
"Colorado." Chicago: Cram & Co., 1928. 10 1/4 x 14. Cerograph. Very good condition. $55


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