Redouté, Pierre Joseph "Alstrœmeria Ligtu" [Inca Lily]. From Les Liliacées

Redouté, Pierre Joseph "Alstrœmeria Ligtu" [Inca Lily]. From Les Liliacées

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Pierre Joseph Redouté. "Alstrœmeria Ligtu" [Inca Lily]. From Les Liliacées". Plate 40.  

Plate 40.  Alstrœmeria Ligtu. [Inca Lilly].  Paris, 1802-16. Folio, 14 x 21 1/2. Stipple engravings, printed in color, and finished by hand. Full margins. Excellent condition. 

Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) is considered by many the most important of all botanical painters. Redouté worked in the Royal French court before the Revolution, which he survived to become the chief artists and "professeur" at Le Jardin des Plantes, and eventually flourishing under the patronage of Josephine. As a student of the great artist van Spaendonck, Redouté employed the newly invented method of stipple in his publications. This process, so expertly applied by Langlois, gives the works of Redouté their unusual softness and distinctive feel. Rarely are technical skill, artistic talent and botanical knowledge seen to complement one another so well as in Redouté's works.

The eight volumes of Les Liliacées were produced at the height of Redouté's career. In 1798 Josephine acquired the palace at Malmaison and set about forming a garden and amassing a comprehensive collection of prints. Les Liliacées, comprising 486 plates of lilies, irises, and other monocotyledons, was inspired by this important garden at Malmaison.

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