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Chromolithography: The Art of Color

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"Battle of Tippecanoe. November 7th 1811." Chicago: Kurz & Allison, 1889. Chromolithograph. 17 1/2 x 25. Very good condition.

A colorful image by Kurz & Allison, showing the Battle of Tippecanoe, where future president, William Henry Harrison, made his name as a general. Typically of the prints by this firm, the event is overstated with Victorian melodrama. The vivid colors show the US Army's dramatic battle in Indiana just before the War of 1812. As much a reflection of the taste of the print buying public as of the events portrayed in them, this print is a wonderful document of Victorian times. $700

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"Off to War" and "Home From The War." 1903. Chromolithographs. Each ca. 17 x 13. Some wear and chipping in margins.

Pairs of popular prints on the theme of a soldier heading off to war and then returning appeared in this country as early as the Mexican-American War. This pair appeared at the end of the Philippine-American War. $350

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