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Homann: Astronomia Comparativa
Homann Heirs after Johann Gabriele Doppelmayr. "Astronomia Comparativa." Nuremberg, ca. 1750. Ca. 19 x 23. Original hand color. Very good condition.

The descendants of Johann Baptist Homann, trading as Homann Heirs, continued to issue the Doppelmayr charts. This is a nice example of one of their charts from about mid-century. $950

Cosmography Epitomised
Samuel Dunn. A. "Cosmography Epitomised, In Six Copper Plate Delineations." London: Robert Sayer, 1786. Approx. 15 1/4 x 22. Engraving. Some transference and spotting throughout. Otherwise, very good condition.

This interesting cosmological chart was made by Samuel Dunn. Dunn was a mathematician, and teacher as well as a publisher of maps and atlases. Here, information is given concerning points of stars, time as it relates to latitude and longitude, and distances between the planets and sun. $275

Hercules and Corona Borealis
Samuel Leigh. "Hercules and Corona Borealis." From Urania's Mirror, or a View of the Heavens. London: S. Leigh, [1823]. Engraved chart mounted on card with tissue backing. Original hand color. 7 3/4 x 5 3/8. Very good condition. Ref.: Peter Whitfield, The Mapping of the Heavens, pp. 112-13.

A charming and ingenious series of celestial charts showing the constellations as known in the early nineteenth century. The constellations are each depicted with a delightful zodiac vignette image, the stars also noted, and the entire card is highlighted with bright hand color. What is of particular interest and novelty, though, is the fact that the major stars are also indicated with a pierced hole in the card, letting the star locations shine through when the card is held to a light. Besides the many standard figures of the zodiac, which had long been used for mnemonic devices, many current figures that are no long used are shown, such as a printing press and an "aerostatique" balloon. Unusual and most attractive. $350
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Burritt: Celestial Planisphere
Elijah H. Burritt. Pl. VIII. "A Celestial Planisphere, or Map of the Heavens." From Atlas, Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens. Hartford: F.J. Huntington, 1835. 14 x 20 3/4. Engraving. Original hand color. Excellent condition. $350

Plate 25
Asa Smith. pl. 25. Visible Heavens From April 18th to July 21st. From Der Bau des Himmels, oder anschaulichste Darstellung des Weltsystems in Bildern. Für Schulen und für Freunde der Astronomie. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, ca. 1850. Lithographs by Halder & Cronberger, Stuttgart. Ca. 9 3/4 x 8. Very good condition.

From a German edition of the series of celestial illustrations included in Asa Smith's Illustrated Astronomy. Written by the principal of Public School No. 12 in New York City, this work was aimed at school students. Smith stated is goal as "to present all the distinguishing principles in physical Astronomy with as few words as possible," and his text was presented in fifty separate lessons with a series of questions and answers. The handsome charts of the planets and stars are printed predominantly in black, which makes the images as similar as possible to what one would actually see in the night skies. A nice example of this striking series of instructive astronomical illustrations from the mid nineteenth century. $55
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Print by Johann Georg Heck. Pl. 12 "Nördliche Sternkarte." From Incongraphic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art. Leipzig: circa 1851. Approx. 8 1/4 x 10 1/2. Engraving. Very good condition.

First published in 1851, Heck's encyclopedia was based on Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus's Bilderatlas, which was one of the finest encyclopedias of its day. $85


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