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Following is a complete listing of the cartographic reference books in our inventory as of the date listed at the bottom of this page. We will make every attempt to keep this listing up to date in terms of availability and price, but the books are offered subject to availability and it is possible that prices have changed. We will notify all purchasers of any changes prior to filling an order.

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National Geographic Society. Historical Atlas of the United States. Washington, 1993. Cloth. Using antique maps, prints, photos and other artifacts as illustrations this atlas chronologically depicts the cartography of the territories that became the United States, from 1400 to the 1990s. Includes a folded wall map, overlay in four scales, and flat magnifier. $100.00

Kenneth Nebenzahl. Rand McNally Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries. New York, 1990. Cloth. A large-folio collection of early maps of exploration from the 15th and 16th centuries, illustrated in color, and including manuscript maps, portolan sea charts, woodcuts and engravings. $95.00

Kenneth Nebenzahl. Maps of the Holy Land. New York, 1986. Cloth. Out of print. A impressively illustrated work on the subject. $75.00

Kenneth Nebenzahl and Don Higginbotham. Rand McNally Atlas of the American Revolution. New York, 1974. Cloth. Out of print. A fine history using excellent illustrations of maps of the period. $125.00

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Edward C. Papenfuse and Joseph M. Coale III. The Maryland State Archives Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, 1608-1908. Baltimore, 2003. Cloth. An updated and greatly expanded version of the authors' 1982 Hammond-Harwood House Atlas, this volume is handsome and informative, with full-color illustrations of over 230 maps. $69.95

Mary S. Pedley. Bel et Utile. The Work of the Robert De Vaugondy Family of Mapmakers. England, 1992. A glorious book that places the work of one family of mapmakers into their historical milieu. With an exhaustive catalog of the maps. $125.00

P.A. Penfold. Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office. 3. Africa. London, 1982. Describes many maps of the African continent , including Mauritius, Madagascar, and other islands in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. $45.00

Thomas Pownall. A Topographical Description of the Dominions of the United States of America. Edited by Lois Mulkearn. Pittsburgh, 1949. Cloth. A classic description of North America at the time of the revolution. Two facsimile folding maps in back: the Lewis Evans "Middle British Colonies" with the Pownall extensions through New England, and the Bernard Romans "Map of the Southern British Colonies." $85.00

Claudius Ptolemy. The Geography. New York, 1991. Paper. Reprint of the 1932 limited edition translated by E.L. Stevenson. 29 maps in halftone from the Ebner manuscript. A welcome English translation of this classic work. $19.95

Claudius Ptolemy. Cosmography: Maps from Ptolemy's Geography. Introduction by Lelio Pagani. Leicester (England), 1990. Cloth. Used book with nicked spine. This book reprints the 27 maps contained in Codex Lat. V F. 32, a 15th Century manuscript volume of Ptolemy's Cosmographica, kept in the National Library, Naples, Italy. $35.00

Robert Putman. Early Sea Charts. New York, 1983. Cloth. Features 16th and 17th century maps of oceans and seas. Chapters devoted to Pacific, Indian and North and South Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Caribbean, Mediterranean and other seas. $65.00

David B. Quinn, Robert H. Fuson, et. al. Essays on the History of North American Discovery and Exploration. College Station, 1988. Cloth. Six essays encompassing four centuries of exploration and interaction between the Old World and the New. $18.95

John W. Reps. Cities of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century Images of Urban Development. Cloth. Selects the most interesting views of towns and cities along the entire Mississippi River. $59.95

John W. Reps. Cities on Stone. Nineteenth Century Lithograph Images of the Urban West. Fort Worth, 1979. Attractive Amon Carter Museum exhibition catalogue, complete with color plates and a fine introductory essay. Cloth: $35.00; Paper: $12.50

John W. Reps. Views and Viewmakers of Urban America. Columbia, 1984. Cloth. A huge listing of lithographic views of towns and cities in the United States and Canada, with notes on the artists and publishers and a union catalogue of their works. Covers the period of 1825 to 1925. A massive achievement. $125.00

John W. Reps. Saint Louis Illustrated. Columbia, 1989. Cloth. Nineteenth-century engravings and lithographs of a Mississippi River metropolis. Superb, extensively illustrated work. $45.00

John W. Reps. Washington On View. The Nation's Capital Since 1790. Chapel Hill, 1991. Cloth. Another magnificent work from John Reps. A copiously illustrated history of views and maps of our nation's capital since its founding. $75.00

John W. Reps. Bird's Eye Views. Historic Lithographs of North American Cities. New York, 1998. This large volume documents over 100 aerial perspective views executed in color lithography between 1838 and 1908, providing a rich visual record of American cities as they appeared a century ago. $70.00

Walter W. Ristow, Editor. A Survey of the Roads of the United States of America 1789 by Christopher Colles. Cambridge (MA), 1961. Cloth. Out of print. This facsimile of Colles' survey of major United States roads from Albany, New York, to Jamestown, Virginia, is accompanied by Ristow's illustrated introduction supplying a wealth of information about the maps, the times and Colles himself. $75.00

Walter W. Ristow. The Map Librarian in the Modern World: Essays in honour of Walter W. Ristow. Munich and New York, 1979. Paper. Out of Print. Thirteen essays, including two in French and one in German, by authors from around the world compose this festschriften in honor of the longtime map librarian of the Library of Congress. $25.00

Walter W. Ristow. American Maps and Mapmakers. Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Second printing. Detroit, 1986. Cloth. Out of print. Superb reference book by the former chief of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, which contains over two hundred quality reproductions of maps, charts, panoramic views and portraits in its 488 pages (including index). $350.00

Royal Scottish Geographical Society. The Early Maps of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1973 & 1983. Cloth. Vols. 1& 2, 3rd edition. An extensive checklist of maps from 1250 to 1850. For the set: $60.00

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Seymour I. Schwartz. The French and Indian War. 1754-1763. The Imperial Struggle for North America. Edison, NJ, 1999. Cloth. A reissue of Schwartz's very good history of the French & Indian war. This book uses many contemporary prints and maps. $30.00

___________________. This Land is Your Land. The Geographic Evolution of the United States. New York, 2000. Cloth. A narrative history of the exploration, settlement and expansion of the United States, plentifully illustrated with maps, prints, and photographs. $75.00

___________________ . The Mismapping of America. Rochester, NY. and Suffolk, U.K., 2003. Cloth. Engrossing exploration of the major cartographic misconceptions that have helped to define the course of United States history. $39.95

Pamela Scott. Temple of Liberty. Building the Capitol for a New Nation. New York, 1995. Paper. A history of the Capitol building, liberally illustrated with prints, maps, and drawings from the Library of Congress. $21.95

John Rennie Short. Representing the Republic: Mapping the United States, 1600-1900. London, 2001. Cloth. The most significant maps and mapmakers are discussed in a survey that begins with the first European mappings of New Netherlands and concludes with the Rand McNally atlases of the 1890s. $35.00

R.A. Skelton. Maps. A Historical Survey of Their Study and Collecting. Chicago, 1972. Cloth. Out of print. The Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr., Lectures in the History of Cartography at The Newberry Library, Chicago. $30.00

R.A. Skelton, T.E. Marston & G.D. Painter. The Vinland map and the Tartar Relation. New Haven, 1965. Cloth. Out of print. The first work on the controversy concerning the Vinland map. $35.00

_____________________________________________. The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation. New Haven, 1995. Cloth. New edition, with added material, of this fascinating work of historical cartography. $45.00

David Smith. Victorian Maps of the British Isles. London, 1986. Cloth. A handsome, illustrated volume. $65.00

Martin P. Snyder. City of Independence. New York, 1975. Cloth. Out of Print. The definitive book on maps and prints depicting Philadelphia before 1800. $45.00

Rebecca Stefoff. The Young Oxford Companion to Maps and Mapmaking. New York, 1995. Cloth. With more than 350 entries, arranged alphabetically and thoroughly cross-referenced, this book is an ideal resource for students, teachers and librarians. $40.00 Richard W. Stephenson. Civil War Maps. An Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in the Library of Congress. Washington, 1989. Second Edition. Cloth. Out of print. The definitive work on the subject. $85.00

Richard W. Stephenson and Marianne M. McKee, eds. Virginia In Maps. Four Centuries of Settlement, Growth, and Development. Richmond, 2000. Cloth. Massive in size, scope, and scholarship, this volume will prove essential for scholars of Virginia mapping. Includes a chapter by Donald H. Cresswell, co-founder of The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. $95.00

Henry N. Stevens. Ptolemy's Geography. Amsterdam, [1972]. Paper. Out of print. Reprint of excellent 1908 account of all printed editions down to 1730. $45.00

Thomas Suárez. Early Mapping of Southeast Asia. London, 1999. Cloth. This volume provides a wonderfully diverse and comprehensive perspective on the representation of Southeast Asia, as viewed by Asian contemporaries as well as by Western exploration and cartography. $65.00

_____________. Shedding the Veil. Singapore, 1991. Well written and presenting images of maps in full-page format, this books concerns European discovery of America and the world. Now out of print. $75.00

Michael Swift. Mapping the World. Edison, NJ, 2006. Cloth. Reproducing some 200 maps from around the world from the earliest recorded examples to the end of the nineteenth century, this book is designed to provide a primarily pictorial history of mapping and the skills associated in recording humanity's relationship with the planet. $45.00

Ariel Tishby, ed., with Naftali Kadmon, et al. Holy Land in Maps. Jerusalem and New York, 2001. Cloth. A historical panorama of depictions of the Holy Land, from the earliest Islamic images to European maps of the 16th and 17th centuries and satellite imagery of today. $50.00

R.V. Tooley, ed. The Mapping of America. London, 1988. Cloth. Out of print. Containing important articles on various topics, including California as an island and the Smith map of Virginia. $95.00

R.V. Tooley & Charles Bricker. Landmarks of Mapmaking. England, 1989. Out of print. Cloth. A reprint of this classic illustrated history of cartography. A must for anyone interested in the subject. $110.00

Edmund Thompson. Maps of Connecticut Before the Year 1800. A Descriptive List by Edmund Thompson. Windham, 1995. Cloth. A single-volume reprint of Thompson's essential 1940 work. $90.00

Sarah Tyacke. London Map-Sellers. 1660-1720. Tring, 1978. Cloth. A useful volume consisting of a list of London map advertisements and biographical notes on the map-sellers involved. $28.00

Richard van de Gohm. Antique Maps for the Collector. New York, 1973. Cloth. Out of print. A general book on map collecting which covers many topics. Illustrated. $35.00

Marcel P. R. Van den Broecke et al., eds. Abraham Ortelius and the First Atlas. Utrecht, 1998. Cloth. A collection of scholarly essays on this most significant figure in the history of mapmaking. Includes a collation of editions of the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Epitome and a list of plates used in the Theatrum; a commentary table on the Catalogus Auctorum, and an extensive bibliography. $195.00

Eduard Van Ermen. The United States in Old Maps and Prints. Wilmington, Del., 1990. Cloth. Out of Print. A nicely illustrated history of the United States using period maps and views. Large format, color illustrations, and good general history. $50.00 Top Top
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Henry R. Wagner. Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1937. Two folio vols. Illus. V.g / g. $825.00

Walters Art Gallery. The World Encompassed. Baltimore, 1952. Paper. Out of print. One of the earliest and most useful studies of early cartography by Lloyd Brown, Dorothy Miner and Elizabeth Baer. $75.00

Peter Whitfield. Cities of the World: A History in Maps. Berkeley, 2005. Cloth. Condensing centuries of history into one volume, Peter Whitfield focuses on more than sixty cities by presenting an extremely wide range of maps, historic prints and photographs showing how urban architectural form and social life have been shaped. $45.00

Peter Whitfield. New Found Lands. Maps in the History of Exploration. New York, 1998. Cloth. A fascinating intellectual history of the great age of exploration, readable and well-illustrated with lots of maps. $40.00

Peter Whitfield. The Image of the World. 20 Centuries of World Maps. California, 1997. Paper. An attractive work describing and picturing world maps from the fifteenth century to 1900. $25.00

Peter Whitfield. The Charting of the Oceans. Ten Centuries of Maritime Maps. California, 1996. Cloth. A social and aesthetic history of the nautical chart, handsomely presented. $29.95

Peter Whitfield. The Mapping of the Heavens. California, 1995. Cloth. A companion work to that above, with many lovely illustrations and much interesting text on celestial maps through the ages. $29.95

John Noble Wilford. The Mapmakers. Revised Edition. New York, 2000. Cloth. A well written story of a number of seminal figures in the history of cartography. A personal and biographical approach, and a fine introduction to the interest and importance of the topic. $30.00

Gregory W. Williams and Allen S. Johnson. Tar Heel Maps. Colony and State 1590-1995. Rocky Mount, 1996. An illustrated checklist of a fine exhibition of North Carolina maps. 43 illus. New information on states and a sprightly introduction. $22.00

John A. Wolter and Ronald E. Grim. Images of the World. The Atlas Through History. Washington, D.C., 1997. Cloth. Out of Print. A Library of Congress publication, this handsome and fascinating volume edited by the former chief of the Geography and Map division contains essays by specialists in world atlases, ranging from early Chinese atlases to issues in 20th century atlas production. $69.95

David Woodward, (ed.) Art & Cartography. Six Historical Essays. Chicago & London, 1987. Cloth. Illustrated with numerous color and b/w plates, the essays in this handsome volume illuminate the complex intermingling of art & science in maps & mapmaking. An excellent volume. $78.00

David Woodward & G. Malcolm Lewis, editors. The History of Cartography. Volume Two, Book Three. Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian and Pacific Societies. Chicago & London, 1998. Cloth. The fourth volume in this monumental series, projected to cover the entire history of cartography. includes excellent articles and many illustrations. $200.00

_____. The History of Cartography. Volume Three. Cartography in the European Renaissance. Sold as a set of 2 volumes or parts. Chicago & London, 2007. Cloth. 62 chapters. 2,180 pp. Another volume in this monumental series, projected to cover the entire history of cartography. Includes excellent articles and many illustrations. $400.00

N.B. See under J. B. Harley for the earlier books in the History of Cartography series.

Joyce Youings. Ralegh's Country. The South West of England in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Raleigh, 1986. Paper. $7.50


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