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Following is a complete listing of the cartographic reference books in our inventory as of the date listed at the bottom of this page. We will make every attempt to keep this listing up to date in terms of availability and price, but the books are offered subject to availability and it is possible that prices have changed. We will notify all purchasers of any changes prior to filling an order.

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Percy G. Adams. Travelers and Travel Liars, 1660-1800. New York, 1980. Paper. A delightful study of deliberate fabrications in travel literature. $20.00

Leo Bagrow and James Skelton. The History of Cartography. Second Edition. Chicago, Illinois, 1985. Cloth. Enhanced by over two hundred map reproductions in black-and-white and color, this edition expanded and rearranged the text of the original 1964 publication. $40.00

Ashley Baynton-Williams and Miles Baynton-Williams. New Worlds: Maps from the Age of Discovery. London, 2006. Cloth. Gathered from five centuries of exploration and presented in chronological order, this sumptuous book reproduces over 120 maps that record the adventures and discoveries - as well as fantasies and outright lies - of explorers, merchants, travelers and cartographers. Taken together, they chart the European discovery of the world as science, legend, politics and art were blended together by the cartographer's art. $60.00

Peter Benes. New England Prospect. A Loan Exhibition of Maps at the Currier Gallery of Art. Boston, 1981. Paper. Excellent exhibit catalogue with maps and prints from 17th to 19th centuries. $16.50

Paul Binding. Imagined Corners: Exploring the World's First Atlas. London, 2003. Cloth. Fascinating exploration of the historical, social, and scientific context in which the world's first atlas was created and published in Antwerp in 1570. With many well-selected color illustrations. $79.95

Birmingham Public Library. A List of Nineteenth Century Maps of the State of Alabama. Birmingham, 1973. Paper. $15.00

Melville C. Branch. An Atlas of Rare City Maps. Comparative Urban Design, 1830-1842. New York, 1997. Cloth. This large and handsome volume reproduces 40 engraved maps of cities in Europe, Asia, Russia, and the United States, published in England by The Society For The Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. The author provides a knowledgeable introduction and commentary on each map. This volume is a new publication based on a limited edition issued in 1978. $40.00

Jerry Brotton. Trading Territories. Mapping the Early Modern World. Ithaca, 1997. Cloth. Maps, charts, and globes viewed as "dynamic depictions of the changing geographical shape of the early modern world . . . inextricably bound up with its changing diplomatic and commercial contours." (Brotton, p. 21.) $35.00

Lloyd A. Brown. The Story of Maps. New York, 1977. One of the classics in the field. A readable history of cartography, focusing on the process and business of cartography rather than on maps themselves. This volume belongs in every cartographic library.

David Buisseret, ed. From Sea Charts to Satellite Images. Chicago, 1990. Cloth. An excellent series of essays interpreting North American history through maps by excellent scholars such as Harley, Quinn, DeVorsey, Grim, Danzer, Conzen, Karrow and Schlereth. Excellent illustrations. $75.00

Phillip Burden. The Mapping of North America. A List of Printed Maps. 1511-1670. Hertfordshire, 1996. An extensive cartobibliography with large format illustrations. A classic that has become a standard reference for maps of North America. NA

_____________. The Mapping of North America II. A List of Printed Maps. 1670-1700. Hertfordshire, 2007. An extensive cartobibliography with large format illustrations. A follow up to the author's book on the time period 1511-1670, this volume also will be a standard reference for maps of North America. $325.00

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Tony Campbell. Early Maps. New York, 1981. Cloth. Out of print. A handsome, large-folio overview of mapmaking from the 13th through the mid-19th centuries, with 68 beautifully reproduced, full-color illustrations. $45.00

Lester J. Cappon, ed. Atlas of Early American History. The Revolutionary Era. 1760-1790. Princeton, 1976. Cloth. Out of print. A superb historical atlas. Lists at $175. $125.00

Hugh Cortazzi. Isles of Gold. Antique Maps of Japan. New York & Tokyo, [1983-] 1992. 2nd printing. Cloth. Major reference work on maps of Japan. With many excellent illustrations, and including pull-out map. Essential for the collector of maps of Japan. $85.00

Nicholas Crane. Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet. New York: 2003. A fascinating biography of the man who solved the riddle of how to convert the three-dimensional globe into a two-dimensional map. Mercator's projection remains the most common world view to this day.

Emilio Cueto. Cuba in Old Maps. Miami: 1999. Cloth. Catalogue of an exhibition at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Contains 340 b/w illustrations plus 16 color plates. $19.95

William P. Cumming. Mapping the North Carolina Coast. Sixteenth-Century Cartography and the Roanoke Voyages. Chapel Hill, 1988. Paper. $12.50

W.P. Cumming, R.A. Skelton & D.B. Quinn. The Discovery of North America. New York, 1972. Cloth. One of the most interesting histories of the discover of the 'New World,' primarily using words and pictures from the period. $85.00

W.P. Cumming, S. Hillier, D.B. Quinn and G. Williams. The Exploration of North America. 1630 -1776. New York, 1974. Cloth. Out of print. One of the most interesting histories of the exploration of the 'New World,' using text and images from the period. $85.00

W.P. Cumming and Louis De Vorsey, Jr. The Southeast in Early Maps. Chapel Hill, 1998. Cloth. The long awaited third edition of Cumming's seminal cartobibliography on maps of the American southeast. This has been expertly revised and significantly enlarged by Louis De Vorsey, with the addition of new maps, more illustrations, and a excellent article, "American Indians and the Early Mapping of the Southeast." This book is a must for anyone interested in maps of the southeast. $90.00

Gloria Deák. Discovering America's Southeast. A Sixteenth Century View Based on the Mannerist Engravings of Theodore de Bry. Birmingham, 1992. Paper. Interesting essays by Deák and reproductions of prints and maps from de Bry's America, published in Frankfurt in 1591, which contained some of the earliest views of the New World and its inhabitants. $18.00

O.A.W. Dilke. Greek and Roman Maps. Ithaca, 1985. Cloth. A valuable work on the importance of Greek and Roman contributions to cartography as a science. The book includes a series of photographs of important classical artifacts that relate to mapmaking. $39.95

Jurgen Espenhorst. George R. Crossman, ed. Petermann's Planet. A Guide to German Handatlases and their Siblings Throughout the World, 1800-1950. Volume I: The Great Handatlases. Schwerte, Germany, 2003. Cloth. Impressively detailed account of the development of modern atlas production in Germany, covering the output of six major publishing houses. Illustrated. $125.00

Susanna Fisher. The Makers of the Blueback Charts: A History of Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd. St. Ives (England), 2001. Cloth. From the 18th Century on, navigators relied on nautical charts produced by a handful of chartmakers and instrument sellers who worked in the City of London. Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, which just celebrated its centenary, is the descendant of those old publishing firms and currently flourishes as the leading private publisher of nautical charts and pilot books. This fascinating book traces the chart trade from its origins to the present day. $49.95

Emerson D. Fite & Archibald Freeman. A Book of Old Maps Delineating American History. New York, 1969. Paper. Out of print. A fascinating collection of early maps focusing on the Americas, with excellent commentary. $25.00

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William Goetzmann. New Lands, New Men. America and the Second Great Age of Discovery. New York, 1986. Cloth. An excellent volume on the exploration of the American west and the Pacific. $24.95

Douglas C. Gohm. Antique Maps. London, 1972. Cloth. Includes brief biographies of 40 cartographers, and many illustrations of decorative maps. $39.95

John Goss. The Mapmaker's Art. An Illustrated History of Cartography. Chicago, 1993. Cloth. Out of print. An extensively illustrated general survey of mapmaking. The hundreds of illustrations, most in color and several folding, beautifully complement Goss' readable text which provides an excellent overview of the history of cartography. This book, which would make a fine gift, belongs in the library of every map-lover. $100.00

John Goss. The Mapping of North America. New Jersey, 1990. Cloth. A fully illustrated examination of 85 maps of North America as a whole and its regions. Each map is accompanied by an insightful description. $75.00

John Goss. Blaeu's The Grand Atlas of the 17th Century World. New York, 1991. Cloth. $75.00

Peter J. Guthorn. United States Coastal Charts 1783-1861. Exton, 1984. Cloth. An excellent study of this seminal period for the charting of the U.S. coasts. All maps are illustrated. $59.00

J.B. Harley, Barbara B. Petchenik & Lawrence W. Towner. Mapping the American Revolutionary War. Chicago, 1978. Cloth. A study of changing cartographic approaches to a single series of military events, the American Revolution. $35.00

J.B. Harley. Maps and the Columbian Encounter. Milwaukee, 1990. Paper. The catalogue of a significant travelling exhibition, this volume provides a stimulating overview of New World exploration and mapping. Many fascinating illustrations. Cover scuffed; cover and first two leaves creased. $10.00

J.B. Harley & David Woodward, editors. The History of Cartography, Volume One. Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. Chicago & London, 1991. Cloth. The first volume in this monumental series, projected to cover the entire history of cartography. Includes excellent articles and many illustrations. $225.00

_________. The History of Cartography, Volume Two, Book One. Cartography in the Traditional Islamic and South Asian Societies. Chicago & London, 1992. Cloth. Continuation of the series, with the same high standards. $225.00

_________. The History of Cartography, Volume Two, Book Two. Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies. Chicago & London, 1994?. Cloth. Continuation of the series, with the same high standards. $250.00

N.B. See other works by Woodward, including two additional titles in the History of Cartography series.

P.D.A. Harvey. Maps in Tudor England. Chicago, 1993. Cloth. A copiously illustrated history of the production, understanding and use of maps in England from 1485 to 1603. $29.95

_____________. The History of Topographical Maps. London, 1980. Cloth. An excellent work on topographical maps in the East and West from earliest times. $35.00

Derek Hayes. Historical Atlas of California. Berkeley, 2007. Cloth. Covering 500 years of history and using nearly 500 historical maps and many other illustrations - from rough sketches drawn in the field to commercial maps to beautifully rendered works of art - this lavishly illustrated volume is the first to tell the story of California's past from a unique visual perspective. $39.95

Derek Hayes. Historical Atlas of the United States Berkeley, 2006. Cloth. Using more than 500 historical maps from collections around the world and covering more than half of a millennium, this book highlights the evolution of geographical knowledge at the same time that it presents a fascinating chronicle of the expansion and development of a nation. $39.95

Derek Hayes. Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest. Maps of Exploration and Discovery. Seattle, 2000. Cloth. A wonderfully inclusive compendium of antique maps covering the entire Northwest region; Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. $40.00

John R. Hebert. Panoramic Maps of Anglo-American Cities. Washington, 1974. Paper. The first edition of Hebert's checklist of bird's-eye views of the United States and Canada in the Library of Congress. $12.50

Robert A. Holland. Chicago in Maps:1612-2002. New York, 2005. Cloth. A luxuriously illustrated cartographic history of the gateway city to the West uses rare and beautiful maps to explore Chicago's urban and social tapestry. $50.00

Alice C. Hudson and Barbara Cohen-Stratyner. Heading West, Touring West. Mapmakers, Performing Artists, and the American Frontier. New York, 2001. Paper. Based on two exhibitions at The New York Public Library, this volume addresses two narratives of Western settlement; the maps which charted the new territory, and the ephemera of the touring performers who entertained the settlers. The book is illustrated with many contemporary maps, prints, and photographs. $22.00

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Jack Jackson, Robert S. Weddle, and Winston DeVille. Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast. The Contributions of Saint-Denis, Olivan, and Le Maire. College Station, 1990. Cloth. A careful study of eighteenth-century Gulf Coast cartography. $29.95

Donald S. Johnson. Phantom Islands of the Atlantic. The Legends of Seven Lands that Never Were. Sailor and scholar Johnson explores the fabled and factual attempts to chart an ocean he has himself navigated at length. Gracefully written and illustrated with maps and engravings. $21.00

Erin Kirchhoff, Eric L. Mundell, and Amy Vedra. Mapping Indiana: Five Centuries of Treasures from the Indiana Historical Society. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society, 2015. Cloth. With introductory essays by PPS owner Donald Cresswell and by Nicole Etcheson, this book is described by the publisher as a 320-page, hand-stitched, full-color marriage of information and beauty. Each of the more than 100 maps is accompanied by an explanatory essay and many include enhanced views focusing on different parts of the map. $55.00

Josef Konvitz. Cartography in France 1660-1848. Chicago, 1987. A study of the science, engineering and statecraft that was part of French mapmaking during a period of influence on the entire world. $39.95

Alex Krieger and David Cobb. Mapping Boston. Boston, 1999. Cloth. Wide-ranging, scholarly work on the development and mapping of this historically significant American city. Many important maps are reproduced and examined in historical context. $50.00

Christopher W. Lane with Donald H. Cresswell. A Guide to Collecting Antique Maps. Philadelphia, 1997. Paper. A quick and thorough guide to understanding, identifying, and acquiring antique maps. $8.00

Alfred E. Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese, eds. John R. Hebert, consulting ed. Charting Louisiana: Five Hundred Years of Maps. New Orleans, 2003. Manuscript and printed maps from the 16th through the 20th centuries, many rarely seen, are gathered and glossed in this handsome large folio volume, which includes six scholarly essays on Louisiana history. $95.00

Frank Lestringant. Mapping the Renaissance World. Berkeley. 1994. Cloth. Taking the work of the great sixteenth-century traveller and map-maker, André Thevet, as a paradigm, this volume examines the way European knowledge of the world was transformed during the waning years of the Renaissance. $45.00

J. Barry Love. The Colonial Surveyor in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 2000. Cloth. A descriptive and detailed history of the role and activities of the surveyor in the settlement of the state. $50.00

Joel Makower (ed.) The Map Catalog. New York, 1986. Paper. Comprehensive guide to all the in-print maps, government & commercial, available in this country, includes background and ordering information. $14.95

James C. Martin and Robert Sidney Martin. Maps of Texas and the Southwest, 1513 - 1900. Austin, 1999. Cloth. Originally published in 1984 and long out of print, this volume describes and illustrates 50 of the most historically significant maps of the American Southwest. $39.95

Barbara Backus McCorkle. New England in Early Printed Maps: 1513 to 1800. An Illustrated Carto-Bibliography. Providence, 2001. Cloth. A massive undertaking in both size and scope, this volume includes most of the printed maps of North America before 1800. Contents include a chronological list of state maps, index of map titles, list of persons involved in making the maps, and a bibliography of secondary works. This book will prove an essential scholarly reference. $185.00

Earl B. McElfresh. Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War. New York, 1999. Cloth. This volume contains 150 color reproductions of the most interesting and significant manuscript and printed maps made and used during the Civil War, and provides insightful analysis of their uses and effects. $55.00

D.W. Meinig. The Shaping of America. Volume 3: Transcontinental America, 1850-1915. New Haven, 1998. Paper. This volume examines Western expansion and the role of railways in rebuilding a United States torn by the Civil War. $25.00

Mark Monmonier. Drawing the Line. Tales of Maps and Cartocontroversy. New York, 1995. Cloth. An intriguing commentary on the political, social, and economic impact of maps. $27.50

Carl Moreland & David Bannister. Antique Maps. A Collector's Handbook. Oxford, 1989. Paper. 3rd expanded edition. A useful reference for the beginner or sophisticated collector, now in an attractively-priced, new edition. Includes: general introduction, biographical listing of cartographers, and interesting short articles on collecting. $24.95

Russell Morrison, E. Papenfuse, N. Bramucci & R. Janson-La Palme. On The Map. Chestertown, MD., 1983. Paper. Out of print. An exhibit catalogue on maps of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. Best book on the topic. $45.00

Edward K. Muller. A Concise Historical Atlas of Pennsylvania. Phila., 1989. Using historical, antique cartography and new thematic maps this volume surveys Pennsylvania history from Indian cultures to the discovery of oil by Edwin Drake. [List price, $29.95] $19.95


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