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Following is a listing of the cartographic periodicals in our inventory as of the date listed at the bottom of this page. Most of these issues are available in single issues only. We will make every attempt to keep this listing up to date in terms of availability, but these periodicals are offered subject to availability.

To order, contact us by phone, fax, regular post or e-mail. Please note that prices do not include shipping or tax. Shipping will be billed at cost and 8% tax applied to all orders shipped to Pennsylvania.

Should you be seeking a periodical not listed here, please contact us. We will be happy to keep your interest on file.

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Back issues of this journal with interesting articles on the history of cartography. Paper bindings in good condition.


Back issues of this review of early cartography. All with original binding in cloth. Amsterdam, various dates as noted ("r" indicates reprint), and London. A listing of articles in any volume is available.

Volumes available: 27, 29, 33, 37, 39, 42 (1975-1990) Each volume, $35


Back issues of this much missed journal. Paper bindings.


Back issues of the successor to The Map Collector. Paper binding.


CARTOGRAPHICA. Individual volumes of the Journal of the Canadian Cartographic Association. Paper. Each volume, $10.00

Volumes available: Vol. 10, No. 1; Vol. 10, No. 2 (The Canadian Cartographer); Monographs no. 1- 9, 1971-1973; Vol. 17, Nos. 2 and 3; Vol. 19, Nos. 2, 3&4; Vol. 20, Nos. 1&2, 3, 4; Vol. 21, Nos. 1, 2&3, 4; Vol. 22, Nos. 1,2,3,4.


THE MERCHANT EXPLORER. Back issues of this occasional publication of the James Ford Bell Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Paper. Very good condition. Price per volume: $2.00

Issues available: No. 4, May '64; No. 18, May '78; No. 19, May '79; No. 20, 1980; No. 21, '81; No. 22, '82; No. 24, '84; No. 25, '85; No. 29, '89; and No. 30, 1990.


TERRAE INCOGNITAE. The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Back issues of the official publication of the Society for the History of Discoveries, published by Wayne State University Press. Paper. Very good condition. Price per volume: $15.00

Volumes available: I - XXIX; XXXI - XXXVII


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