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Upper Green, Charterhouse SPACER North Porch, Harfleur SPACER On the Bradford

Etchings by D.Y. Cameron

Sir David Young Cameron (1865-1945) was a British master of landscape and architectural views. He was trained at the Edinburgh School of Art, became an Associate Engraver at the Royal Academy in London in 1911, where he was elected to the position of Academician in 1920. His landscapes and architectural views, though often devoid of human figures, have a very human feel; the influence and presence of humans is always evident. He was greatly influenced by the somber beauty of his native Scotland, and his prints have a rich, dark tone that reflects this. His more famous works include views of British architecture and interior cathedral views, while his gargoyle etchings pay homage to the great French etcher Charles Meryon. Cameron spent his time traveling throughout the countryside in search of romantic subject matter, and he completed five hundred plates between 1892-1909.

The following prints are all etchings. Numbers preceded by "R" refer to the prints listed in Frank Rinder's book D. Y. Cameron, An Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings and Drypoints, 1887-1932, 1932. All are signed in pencil, unless otherwise noted.

Book Plates: All unsigned.

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