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Antique Maps of California

Flag of California

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Flemming California et al
Carl Flemming. "Californien, Oregon, Utah und Neu-Mejico." From Heinrich Berghaus's Vollständiger Universal-Handatlas. Glogau, Germany: C. Flemming, 1854. 15 1/2 x 13 5/8. Lithograph by C. Flemming. Original outline color. Scattered light spots, else very good condition.

Carl Flemming was the founder of an important German firm located in Berlin and Glogau and this map shows characteristic German detail. Germans were very interested in the western parts of the United States at this time and the atlas from which this map came contained not only two maps of the United States as a whole-one single sheet and one four part map-but also a number of regional maps including this one of the area to the west of the Rocky Mountains. The topography is graphic and begins to show an understanding of the complexity of the ridges, mountains, buttes, etc. between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevadas. The Great Salt Lake is shown, with "Saltlake City od New Jerusalem" indicated, and there is no evidence of the mythical "river of the west," reflecting that Flemming had access to the information brought back by the explorers and emigrants who crossed the Great Basin in the early 1850s. Indian tribes are indicated throughout, as are some of the early trails. The political situation is shown as it existed before the creation of the Washington Territory (1854), with the state of California and three territories--Oregon, Utah and New Mexico--indicated with outline color explained in a color key in the lower left. $475

"California." New York: J.H. Colton & Co, 1857. 15 1/2 x 13 3/4. Lithograph. Full original hand-coloring. Very good condition.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the center of map publishing in America moved from Philadelphia to New York. The J.H. Colton publishing firm played a large role in this shift. This map of California, with its fine detail, is a strong example of their successful work. First issued as a pocket map in 1853, this map was one of the first maps of just California and it was very influential in the mapping of the state subsequently. The counties are shown with contrasting pastel shades and rivers, lakes, swamps, and orography is neatly presented. Also of interest are the indications of the early road network in the state. A detailed inset map shows San Francisco. $250

"Colton's Map of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico." New York: G.W. and C.B. Colton & Co., 1866. 16 3/4 x 26. Lithograph. Original hand color. Narrow bottom margin. Else, very good condition. $350

"County Map of the State of California." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1867. 13 1/2 x 10 3/4. Lithograph (hand colored). With inset of maps of "Settlements in the Great Salt Lake Country, Utah," and "San Francisco Bay and Vicinity." Very good condition. $225

"County Map of the State of California." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1872. 21 1/4 x 14 3/4. Lithograph (hand colored). With inset of maps of Northeast portion of San Francisco & San Francisco Bay & Vicinity. Narrow left margin. Very good condition.

The main change in appearance of this edition is the addition of an alternate route for the Southern Pacific Railroad around Tulare Lake. $275

Asher & Adams. "California & Nevada, South Portion." Washington: 1874. 16 1/4 x 23. Lithograph. Original hand color. Short tears and chips in margins, a few just into image. Overall, good condition.

In their atlas of 1874, Asher & Adams included two separate maps of parts of California, reflecting the size and importance of the state and allowing for greater detail; this map shows the southern regions. The Washington cartographic publishing firm presented this information in a clear fashion, and the map has a very attractive, light pastel coloring. $125

"Map of California and Nevada." Chicago: Rand McNally, 1879. 23 1/2 x 19 1/4. Outline hand color. Pocket map printed on thin paper. $325

Arbuckle California
"California." New York: Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company, 1889. 3 x 5. Chromolithograph by Donaldson Brothers. Very good condition.

A delightful map of California issued in 1889 by the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company. This firm was founded by John and Charles Arbuckle of Pittsburgh, PA. They developed a machine to weigh, fill, seal and label coffee in paper packages, which allowed them to become the largest importer and seller of coffee in the world. Their most famous promotional program involved the issuing of several series of small, colorful trading cards, one of which was included in every package of Arbuckle's Coffee. These series included cards with sports, food, historic scenes, and-one of the most popular-maps. The latter cards included not only a map, but also small illustrations "which portrays the peculiarities of the industry, scenery, etc." of the region depicted. This card of California includes vignette scenes of fruit, wine and the Golden Gate. NA

"California." Philadelphia: W.M. Bradley, 1873-89. 22 1/4 x 16 1/2. With inset maps of San Bernadino and San Diego Counties. Decorative border. Very good condition. $200

"California." Chicago: George F. Cram, 1873-93. 18 1/2 x 12. Very good condition. $150

"California." Chicago: George F. Cram, ca. 1880. 18 5/8 x 12. Very good condition. $150

"California." Chicago: Cram, 1873-93. 18 1/2 x 12. Outline color. With decorative border. $135

"California." New York: Rand McNally, 1895. 12 3/8 x 9 1/4. With inset maps of San Francisco and Vicinity and Southern California, and "Main Portion of San Francisco" on reverse. Short repaired tears at bottom edge of verso. Else, very good condition. $75

"Map of California." Chicago and New York: George F. Cram. 1907+. 20 x 13 1/2. With inset maps of San Fransisco Bay Area and Southern California. $100

Rand McNally. "Standard Map of California." (Northern). From Commercial Atlas of America. 1925. 18 3/4 x 26. Key of California railroad lines. With inset map of San Francisco & Vicinity. $85

"California." Chicago: Geographical Publishing Co., ca. 1930. 21 x 15 1/4. Chromolithograph. Very good condition. With inset maps of San Francisco & Los Angeles. $80


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