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Maps of the British Isles

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British Isles
"Nuova Descrittione Dell'Isole Britannice" (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). From Geografia cioe Descrittione Universale della Terra. Venice: Gio. Battista & Giorgio Galignani Fratelli. 1598. Copper engraving 5 1/2 x 7. Sheet 11 5/8 x 8. Hand color. Very good condition.

Born in Padua and educated in Bologna, Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1617) was a mathematician, cartographer and astronomer. In 1596 in Cologne he published a Latin translation of Ptolemy's Geographia.

This page is from the first edition of Magini's work in Italian, translated by Leonardo Cernotti and published in Venice by the Galignani Brothers. $300

British Isles Miniature
"Britannicarum Insularum Typus." 17th century. 4 3/4 x 4 7/8. Engraving. Stain in top margin; trimmed to neat line and small chip at bottom. Folds as issued. Else very good condition.

A charming miniature map of the British Isles, with North at the right. $225

J.B. Homann. "Magnæ Britanniæ Pars Meridionalis in qua Regnum Angliæ ..." Nuremberg: ca. 1710. 22 1/2 x 19. Engraving. Full original hand color. Several placenames underlined in old iron gall ink. Else, very good condition. $375

Homann Heirs. "Magna Britannia complectens Angliae, Scotiae et Hyberniae Regn. in suas Prov. Et Comitat. divisa." [with a second title in English] "A General Map of Great Britain and Ireland with Part of Holland, Flanders, France & Agreable to Modern History." Nuremburg: 1729. 19 x 22 1/2 neatlines plus margins. Engraving (hand colored). One hole in the channel. Else fine and clean. Inset of the Orkney Islands in upper right corner.

John Baptiste Homann, who founded the great Homann firm of mapmakers died in 1724, and a number of heirs and successors in the business rushed to replace him. From Nuremberg this family published maps as late as 1813. This area shown here was mapped often with the title cartouche decorated with heraldry and symbols of the lands belonging to Great Britain. The etched lines of the title cartouche are very light due to their delicate nature while the main map using line engraving has full and strong detail. This map would have had a strong appeal by the English audience for this German product. A fine example. $950

Homann Heirs after Thomas Kitchin. "Regni Angliae et Principatus Cambriae Tabula nova." Nuremburg: Homann Heirs, 1743. 22 7/8 x 20 1/2. Engraving by I. Rausch. Light original outline color. Some manuscript underlining of names. Overall, very good condition.

Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) was one of the most important German cartographers of eighteenth century, and his firm was carried on by his son Johann Christoph (1701-1730), and then the 'Homann Heirs' from 1730 until 1813. The maps issued by all the firms had the same style, with strong engraving and elaborate uncolored cartouches. This map, based on the work of English cartographer Thomas Kitchin, is a good example of their output. Throughout towns, rivers, and roads are shown with profuse detail. A wonderful title cartouche graces the upper right corner, showing a figure of Britannia sitting surrounded by trading goods, a merchant ship shown in the distance. $325

Rev. John Blair. "A Map of Great Britain and Ireland from the latest Authorities and Observations." From Chronology & History of the World. London: J. Blair, 1768. Double folio. 16 5/8 x 22 1/4. Engraving. Excellent condition. With inset "The Orkney and Shetland Islands."

A detailed eighteenth century map of the British Isles. This map was drawn by Rev. John Blair for his history of the world. It is based on the latest information available in the eighteenth century, and the precise engraving well presents the myriad details depicted. $700

Bonne: British Isles
Rigobert Bonne. "Carte des Isles Britanniques contenant les Royaumes D'Angleterre, D'Ecosse et D'Irlande." From Bonne's Atlas de toutes les parties connues du Globe Terrestre. Paris, 1780. 12 3/4 x 8 1/2. Engraving by André. Very good condition.

Rigobert Bonne was the Royal Hydrographer of France, so his primary interest was in marine charts. However, with his Royal connections and access to the cartographic documents in Paris, Bonne was able to compile maps containing some of the most up-to-date information of his time. This map of Great Britain is a good example of his work. The counties, cities, rivers, and other information along the coast are clearly presented. A good picture of the country near the end of the eighteenth century. $150

Cary England
"A New Map of England from the Latest Authorities." London: J. Cary, 1807. 18 1/4 x 20 1/2. Engraving. Full original hand color. Full margins. Expertly repaired tear at centerfold and into image. Otherwise, fine condition.

A very detailed map of England by John Cary (ca. 1754-1835), the founder of the famous English cartographic firm. Cities, rivers and lakes are graphically presented, and this together with the contrasting pastel shades of the counties gives the map a striking appearance. Roads are shown, and shipping distances are shown from many ports. Scales are given for British miles as well as Irish and Geographical miles. $175

Carey England 1818
Mathew Carey. "An Accurate Map of England and Wales with The Principal Roads from the best Authorities." Philadelphia: Carey, 1818. Folio. Engraving. Faint stain along centerfold from binding hinge. Lightly time toned. Else, very good condition. Wheat & Brun: 769.

The most influential name in American cartography at the end of the eighteenth century was Mathew Carey (1760-1839). Carey was the first major American publisher of maps and atlases, and his Atlas of 1795 is one of the landmarks of early American cartography because it contained some of the first printed maps of many states. The 1790s marked the beginning of the new republic under a new constitution, and patriotic sentiments filled the hearts and minds of men and their publications. In England, William Guthrie's geographies were disparaging to the former colonies, so Carey wrote new text and produced his own maps for an "improved" edition that merely recognized while not compensating Guthrie. As a youth Carey had been expelled from Ireland for printing seditious literature, so he escaped to Paris where he worked for Benjamin Franklin until the cessation of hostilities. He then went to Philadelphia, worked for Franklin briefly and later opened his own printing shop. Eventually Mathew Carey became one of the great citizens of Philadelphia and founder of the present-day firm of Lea & Febiger, which until recently was located on Washington Square. $175

C. Gros. "England and Wales, . . . : Intended for the Elucidation of Lavoisne's Historical Atlas." From C. V. Lavoisne's A Complete Genealogical, Historical & Chronological Atlas. Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son, 1821. 14 1/4 x 12. Engraving by Kneass. Full original hand coloring. Wide full margins. Very good condition.

A brightly colored historical map of England and Wales from Lavoisne's Historical Atlas. Each region is named and highlighted with contrasting colors, and its chief city indicated. This data is neatly presented, giving the map a clear and colorful appearance. $150

Smith England 1827
Charles Smith. "Smith's New Map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland." London: C. Smith, 1827. Separately issued, folding map: dissected into 42 sections and mounted onto linen. 44 3/4 x 27. Engraving. Original hand color. Some slight surface smudging. Very good condition. In original paper slip case with circular label. Some wear and separations at edges of case, but generally very good.

A very large and detailed transportation map by Charles Smith, "Engraver and Map Seller Extraordinary to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales." The focus of this map is best explained by the subtitle: "Including the Turnpike, and principal Cross Roads. the Course of the Rivers & Navigable Canals; The Cities, Market Towns, and most considerable Villages: pointing out the distances from London to every principal Town: likewise the distance from one Market Town to another." $525

Seaton England 1830
Robert Seaton. "New Map of England & Wales." London: J. & C. Walker, c. 1830. Separately issued map: dissected into 40 sections and mounted on linen. 48 7/8 x 37 1/2. Lithograph. Original hand color. Buckram end papers with buckram slipcase. Scattered light spots; else, very good condition. With stipple engraved and etched vignette portraits and views in margins.

An attractive, crisply detailed map of England Wales at the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Though the extensive railroad and postal road systems illustrate a forward-thinking economy, the portrait vignettes surrounding the map demonstrate a proud national heritage of artists, philosophers, scientists, and military leaders. On the eve of Queen Victoria's reign, Great Britain was a nation of growth, prosperity, and international stature. A growing empire abroad and an industrial revolution at home combined to produce a proud nation that would reach its zenith during the nineteenth century. As hydrographer to the king, Robert Seaton skillfully communicates his nation's status with this elegant and precise map. $575

Gardner: England & Wales ...
W.R. Gardner. "New and Improved Map of England and Wales, including the Principal part of Scotland whereon are carefully Delineated all the Mail and Turnpike Roads Direct and Cross." London: William Darton, 1831. 29 x 24 1/4. Engraved by W.R. Gardner. Folding map with original hand color delineating counties. Dissected into 24 sections and mounted on linen. Folds into the original slipcase, with the publisher's green printed title label "England." on the case which matches cloth panels on the folded end sections. Very good condition.

William Darton Sr. started his mapmaking business in 1787 in London, and thus began a cartographic publishing house that would last, in various manifestations, until the 1860s. William Darton Jr. joined his father late in the eighteenth century. While not large, the maps contain an impressive amount of detail carefully presented. The information used was the best available in London at the beginning of the nineteenth century, meaning the best in the world, so these maps are not only attractive, but provide an excellent cartographic picture of the world at the time. This map, with its clear detail, is a fine example of a Darton separately issued map. $450

John Dower. "England and Wales." From A New General Atlas of the World. London: Henry Teesdale & Co., 1834. Folio. Engraving by J. Dower. Original outline color. Very good condition.

A map by British cartographer J. Dower. Though other countries, including the United States, had by then developed cartographic industries of considerable quality, British map publishers were still the best in the world. This map is typical of their output, with clear and precise engraving depicting copious up-to-date information. Towns, rivers, roads, political boundaries and topography are shown from throughout. The hand coloring, beautifully applied, makes this map as handsome as it is interesting. $175

Maps from The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
London: SDUK, 1830-1843. All approximately 12 x 15 in. Lithographs. Original outline hand-coloring. Full margins. Very good condition.

These detailed and clearly drawn maps of Britain were "Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge" of London. This wonderful English enterprise was devoted to the spreading of up-to-date information and the enhancing of understanding. Decorative and informative.

James Wyld. "Wyld's, Road Director, Through England and Wales." London: J. Wyld, 1837-40. Separately issued, folding map: dissected into 18 sections and mounted on linen. 24 1/4 x 20 1/4. Engraving. Original hand color. Very good condition. With original, labeled slip case.

A handsome and very detailed "Road Director" map of England and Wale by leading British cartographer James Wyld, "Geographer to the Queen." This is map, as stated in the subtitle, "A View, and Comprehensive Display of the Roads and Distances from Town to Town and of each Remarkable Place from London." Roads throughout the England, Wales, southern Scotland and the northwest tip of Ireland are highlighted. Major roads are shown in black and secondary roads with a double line. Distances are given by the roads and towns are neatly labeled. Also shown are railroads. Intended as a practical map, this document would have made it relatively easy for the traveler in England at the beginning of the Victorian age. $425

Henry S. Tanner. "England." with insets "Environs of Liverpool," "Environs of London." From Tanner's Universal Atlas. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1844. 12 x 14. Engraving. Original hand coloring. Very good condition.

This map was made by the great American cartographer, Henry Schenck Tanner. In 1816, Henry, his brother Benjamin, John Vallance and Francis Kearny formed an engraving firm in Philadelphia. Having had experience at map engraving through his work with John Melish, Tanner conceived of the idea of compiling and publishing an American Atlas, which was begun in 1819 by Tanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co. Soon Tanner took over the project on his own, and thus began his career as cartographic publisher. The American Atlas was a huge success, and this inspired Tanner to produce his Universal Atlas, of more manageable size. The maps were issued by Tanner until 1841, then in 1844 by Carey & Hart. Later the maps were issued by S. Augustus Mitchell, and then Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. into the second half of the century. $150

Gilbert: England & Wales
James Gilbert. "Gilbert's New Map of England & Wales, drawn from the best authorities." London: Collins, 1849. 32 x 25 3/4. Separately issued, folding map: dissected into 24 sections and mounted on linen. Steel engraving. Original hand color. Slightly browned, but very good condition. Folding into original cloth case. Case rubbed.

A very detailed transportation map of England as the Industrial Revolution went into high gear. Roads, railroads, and steamship lines are shown in abundance. An unusual feature is a "Comparative Chart of the Navigation of the Principal Rivers" which shows the length to which one can pilot a boat. $375

A.J. Johnson. "Johnson's England and Wales." with inset of "Scilly Isles." New York: Johnson and Ward, 1865. Double folio. 25 x 17. Lithograph. Full original hand-color. Very good condition. With decorative border.

An attractive map of Britain and Wales from A.J. Johnson's mid-nineteenth century atlas of the world. Johnson, who published out of New York City, built a very successful business producing popular atlases, geographies and so on. This map, showing fine detail of the country, is a good example of Johnson's work. With an inset of the "Scilly Isles." $125

Debuissons. "Iles Britanniques." with inset "Iles Shetland." Paris: Imprimerie Migeon, 1881. 15 x 11 1/4. Lithographic transfer from engraved plate. Original hand color. Very good condition. $150

Frank A. Gray. "British Isles." with inset of "Shetland & Orkney Islands." Philadelphia: O.W. Gray & Son, 1881. 16 x 13 1/4. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition. $75

Environs of London
"Environs of London." From Appleton's European Guide Book. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1881+. 10 x 13 1/4. Lithotint. With folds as issued. Very good condition. $90

"Tunison's England and Wales." Jacksonville, Illinois: H.C. Tunison, 1885. Wax engraving. Original color. 12 1/2 x 9 3/4. Very good condition. Map of France on verso.

A handsome map of England and Wales from Tunison's Peerless Universal Atlas. With the development of wax engraving (cerography), more maps and atlases were able to be produced in cities beyond the major centers of New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Henry C. Tunison issued a series of fine atlases beginning in 1885 and lasting into the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a nice example of his output, showing Ireland with bright colors indicating the counties. $45

Bartholomew London
"Bartholomew's Street Index Plan of London, North West Section, Showing the Postal Districts." Edinburgh: John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd., n.d. Folding map, 34 1/4 x 41 1/2.

This 20th century map of the northwest section of London, from Cleopatra's Needle west through Southall and north to Barnet and Oxhey, is on a scale of 3.4 inches to a mile, has half-mile sections delineated, and shows the postal areas as well.

Bartholomew's was begun by George B. Bartholomew (1784-1871) as an engraving firm. Five generations of the family operated the cartographic company, ending with John B. Bartholomew (1890-1960). The firm was acquired by Reader's Digest Publications in 1990. $45


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