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Maps of Africa & regions of Africa

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Below is listed a selection of our maps of Africa and regions of the continent, South and West Africa in particular. We have other maps available showing regions of the continent. For instance, we have on-line a complete listing of maps of Egypt. For a list of maps of any other region, or to request digital images of any of the maps not already pictured, please contact us.

Bonne: Islands off Africa
ISLANDS OFF WEST AFRICA. Paris: Rigobert Bonne, 1760s to 1780s. Engraved by Pietro Scattaglia. 9 1/2 x 14. Very good condition.

The three panels presented left to right are: "Isles de Madere," and "Santo," "Plan de la Rade de Funchal," and "Isle de Goree." These islands and port were part of the slave trade in the early eighteenth century. The earliest occupiers were Dutch, followed by the French, who were replaced by the British during the Napoleonic Wars.

Rigobert Bonne was the Royal Hydrographer of France, so his primary interest was in marine charts. However, with his Royal connections and access to the cartographic documents in Paris, Bonne was able to compile maps containing some of the most up-to-date information of his time. $150

Bonne: Barbary Coast
Rigobert Bonne. "Carte des Cotes de Barbarie ou les Royaumes de Moroc, de Fez, d'Alger, de Tunis, et de Tripoli . . .." From Atlas Moderne. Paris: Jean Lattré & J. Thomas, 1762. 12 x 17 1/2. Engraving. Original outline color. Very good condition.

Rigobert Bonne was the Royal Hydrographer of France, but he produced many fine topographical and historical maps as well as charts. This map combined both some up-to-date topographical rendering with the historical detail of this region. Population centers are connected by rivers with much detail devoted to the interior. Of interest is the information also on the European kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and the many islands of the Mediterranean. A handsome, finely etched title cartouche shows two Mohammedans discuss an oasis at bottom left. $375

Rigobert Bonne. "Carte de la Guinée." From Atlas Moderne ou Collection de Cartes sur toutes les parties du Globe Terrestre. Engraving. Paris: Jean Lattré & Delalain, [1771]-1775?. On two sheets: each map approx. 16 5/8 x 12 1/4. Original hand color. Very good condition.

Rigobert Bonne (1727-1795) produced a large number of atlases and charts, and his maps also appeared in Lattré & Delalain's Atlas Moderne. Maps from this atlas used information compiled from 1762 until 1775. This map depicts a very accurate image of the West African coast, extending from the Cape Verde islands in the northwest to "Cap Negro" south of Congo. Major rivers and towns are noted, and current political divisions are shown with lovely pastel hand-coloring. A finely etched title cartouche graces the lower left of the first sheet. For the pair: $600

Thomson: Africa
John Thomson. "North Africa. South Africa." From A New General Atlas. Edinburgh: J. Thomson, 1815. 22 7/8 x 20 3/8. Engraving. Full original hand color. Full margins. Short repaired tears in left margin, not affecting image. Foxing throughout. Else, good condition.

A striking map of North and South Africa from an interesting period in the history of the continent. The map is divided into the two separate geographical areas known to Europeans, with towns carefully named and much attention given to geographical detail. The map is beautifully crafted, with precise engraving and neat hand coloring. The delicate coloring highlights the information given, making the map both easier to read and pleasing to look at. Altogether, a fine example of early 19th-century British cartography. $125

Lucas: Africa
Fielding Lucas, Jr. "Africa." From A New and Elegant General Atlas Containing Maps of each of the United States. Baltimore: F. Lucas, Jr., 1816. Folio. Engraving. Full original hand color. Large margins. A few spots near lower center, else very good condition.

A fine map by Baltimore cartographer, Fielding Lucas, Jr. (1781-1854). Lucas appears to have become involved in the publishing and book trade while a resident of Philadelphia from 1798 to 1804, when he moved to Baltimore. In 1807 Lucas joined Conrad, Lucas & Co., and then in 1810 he set up his own business at 138 Market Street. There Lucas first got involved in cartographic publishing with his New and Elegant General Atlas of 1816. In the second decade of the nineteenth century, through his Philadelphia contacts, Lucas was one of the major contributors to Carey & Lea's atlas of 1823. Concurrently with this involvement, Lucas brought out his own General Atlas, containing 104 maps of all parts of the world. Lucas, during his 50 years of residence in Baltimore, established himself as a prominent citizen of that city, serving as President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, President of the Board of School Commissioners, and as President of the Second Branch of the City Council. But it is for his important role in early American cartography that Lucas is best remembered. $425

Malte-Brun Africa
After Conrad Malte-Brun. "Africa." From A New General Atlas. Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot, 1832. 8 x 9 3/4. Engraving by J.H. Young. Full original hand color. Full margins. Excellent condition.

In 1832, Philadelphia publishers Grigg & Elliot issued their New General Atlas, intended to illustrate Danish geographer Conrad Malte-Brun's Universal Geography. The maps are well engraved by J.H. Young, and hand colored in the style of the period. This map shows the continent of Africa on the eve of the Great Trek. Two large deserts are indicated: "Great Southern Zahara" extends just north of the Cape Colony, to the "Mountains of the Moon," north of the Equator, the other further north is "Zahara or Great Desert." Lake Tanganyika is shown as "L. Maravi". A very interesting map from the early nineteenth century. $95

SDUK S Africa
"South Africa Compiled from the M.S. Maps in the Colonial Office Captn. Owen's Survey ∓c." London: SDUK, 1834. 12 1/4 x 15 1/2. Engraving by J. & C. Walker. Original outline hand coloring. Full margins. A few scattered spots. Else, very good condition. A detailed and cleanly drawn map of South Africa by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). This wonderful English enterprise was devoted to the spreading of up-to-date information and the enhancing of understanding. This very informative map was published one year before the Great Trek, and it shows the political and topographical setting for this important event. Names of towns, rivers, mountains, plains, and information on native and animal populations are given throughout. Included are four inset maps of "Environs of the Cape," "District of George," "Environs of Graham-Town," and "Cape-Town." $300

Thomas G. Bradford. From A Comprehensive Atlas. Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston: Wm. B. Ticknor, 1835. 7 3/4 x 10. Engravings. Original outline color. Very good condition, unless noted otherwise.

A nice group of maps from Boston publisher and cartographer, Thomas G. Bradford. Issued in 1835, Bradford's Atlas contained maps of the United States and other parts of the world, based on the most up-to-date information available at the time. Cities, rivers, lakes, and some orography are depicted. Because Bradford continued to update his maps as he issued them in different volumes, this political information is very interesting for historic purposes.

Tanner: Africa 1843
Henry S. Tanner. "Africa." From Tanner's Universal Atlas. Philadelphia: H.S. Tanner, 1843. 12 x 14. Engraving. Original hand coloring. Very good condition.

This map was made by the great American cartographer, Henry Schenck Tanner. In 1816, Henry, his brother Benjamin, John Vallance and Francis Kearny formed an engraving firm in Philadelphia. Having had experience at map engraving through his work with John Melish, Tanner conceived of the idea of compiling and publishing an American Atlas, which was begun in 1819 by Tanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co. Soon Tanner took over the project on his own, and thus began his career as cartographic publisher. The American Atlas was a huge success, and this inspired Tanner to produce his Universal Atlas, of more manageable size. The maps were issued by Tanner, then in 1844 by Carey & Hart. Later the maps were issued by S. Augustus Mitchell, and then Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. into the second half of the century. $250

"Map of Africa, Showing Its Most Recent Discoveries." Philadelphia: S. A. Mitchell, Jr., 1867. Lithograph. Original hand-coloring. 10 1/2 x 13 1/2. Full margins. Very good condition.

For most of the middle part of the nineteenth century, the firm founded by S. Augustus Mitchell dominated American cartography in output and influence. This fine map is from one of his son's atlases issued in 1867. It depicts as current geographical information as was available at the time, showing rivers, lakes, towns, trade routes and some orography. Political divisions are clearly indicated, highlighted with contrasting colors, giving us an interesting picture of what Americans understood of the states of Africa. The late nineteenth century was a period of great exploration throughout Africa and this map shows "its most recent discoveries." Despite this, there is still a large section noted as "Unknown Interior." A wonderful cartographic document over a century ago. $150

Black: Africa 1879
J. Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. "South Africa." From Black's General Atlas of the World. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1879. 16 1/2 x 22 1/8. Although the map states that it is "engraved and colored" by J[ohn] Bartholomew, it was lithographed in colors.

One of a series of precisely detailed maps of the world from one of the leading British mapmaking firms of the nineteenth century. Adam and Charles Black issued atlases from the 1840s through the 80s, keeping their maps as current as possible. This handsome map is a splendid example of their output. $165

Frank A. Gray. "Gray's New Map of Africa." Philadelphia: O.W. Gray & Son, 1881. 15 x 12. Lithograph, engraved on stone by J.M. Atwood & W.H. Helms. Original hand color. Chip in top right corner; else very good condition. Backed with map of Asia.

The last part of the nineteenth century was a period of intense European exploration of Africa and this map reflects the latest information available on the "dark continent." For instance, information from Stanley's 1874-77 explorations to Lake Victoria and the Congo are included, as is much other interior detail that is impressively updated from earlier maps. The political situation of the continent is also up-to-date, with the Orange River Free State and Natal shown, and other nations/colonies along the coasts. Insets are included of St. Helena and the delta of the Nile. A wonderfully detailed and current snap-shot of Africa at an exciting period of its history. $150


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