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Vintage Advertising Posters

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Posters from Maîtres de l'Affiche (Masters of the Poster).

Paris: Imprimerie Chaix, 1895-1900. All approximately 14 x 11. Chromolithographs. With Imprimerie Chaix blind stamps. Very good condition, unless otherwise noted.

1895 to November, 1900 two hundred and fifty six color lithographic plates were issued under the guidance of Jules Chéret the father of poster art. In all ninety seven artists contributed to this series. Four prints were sent to subscribers every month. These prints were never issued in book from but binding was an option that was offered for a full year's subscription. These images are the quintessential representation of the Belle Époque. Advertisements for food, theater and wine are fantastically illustrated through lavish dress and ornate design, epitomizing the Art Nouveau style.



Posters and advertisements from numerous literary publications. Circa 1890-1910. Chromolithographs and screen prints.

For Harper's:

For Lippincott's.

For Scribner's.

For The Century. (the successor to Scribner's):

From The Sunday World. The Sunday editions of New York World Newspaper:

For Outing Magazine.

Other publications:

Advertising for books:


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